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10 Vows of Manjusri Bodhisattva

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 "2.3 The 10 Great Vows of Manjusri, the Dharma Prince, which were developed billions nayutas asankhya-kalpas ago:

1. If any one of the Tathagatas in the countless, limitless Buddha-lands in the ten directions which are perceived by my hindrance-free Heavenly Eye would not have been persuaded by me to develop a determined Bodhicitta, taught and guided by me to practice sharing, obedience, patience, refined progress, dhyana and wisdom, up to the Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi granted by me, then I should not attain Bodhi. And I should fulfill this vow and then attain Insuperable Bodhi.

2. My Buddha-land would consist of as numerous Buddha worlds as the sands of the river Ganges and be adorned with countless wondrous jewels dispersed. If this would not be the case, then I would never attain Insuperable Bodhi.

3. In my Pureland there should be a Bodhi-tree which would be as big as ten great chiliocosms and its brightness would shine throughout this Pureland.

4. After I would have sat under the Bodhi-tree, I would realize Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi. And then, until I would go into Nirvana, I would not leave this seat, however, my transformation would go to countless innumerable Buddha-lands in the ten directions and preach Dharma to sentient beings.

5. There would be not even women's names in my Pureland, only Bodhisattvas who would have abandoned the dirt of sorrows and accumulated the pure conducts. At the moment of their birth they would wear the monk's robe, sit crosslegged and appear suddenly. My Pureland would be filled completely with such Bodhisattvas, and there would be not even the names of Sravakas or Pratyekabuddhas except those Sravakas or Pratyekabuddhas who are the transformations of the Tathagata to go into the ten directions to preach the Dharma of Three-yanas to sentient beings.

6. In the Pureland of Amitabha Buddha, the Joy in Dharma is food. But in my Pureland, as a Bodhisattva would begin to have the thought of eating, then at once, hundreds of delicacies would fill the bowl in his right hand, and he would then think thus: if this has not been offered to the Buddhas in the ten directions and given to poor and sorrowful sentient beings, hungry ghosts and the like to satisfy them, then I am determined that I should not partake of it myself. Upon this thought he would obtain the five supernatural powers and be able to fly in the sky without any difficulty to the countless, innumerable Buddha-lands in the ten directions, making food offerings to Buddhas and Sravakas, giving food roundly to poor or suffering sentient beings and also preaching Dharma to them to set them free from eager attachments, and then at the instant of a thought would return to his original place.

7. The Bodhisattvas in my Pureland, at the time of their birth, would have in their hands various fine clothing according to their needs and intentions, clean, new, monk's robes of proper sizes. Then they would think thus: if this clothing has not been offered to the Buddhas in the ten directions, then I should not wear it myself. At this instant of a thought, they would have visited countless Buddha-lands in the ten directions, made offerings of these fine clothings to all the Buddhas and returned to their original places. Then they would wear the clothing themselves.

8. The Bodhisattvas in my Pureland would share all the treasures and utensils they would obtain with all the Buddhas and Sravakas. Only after the offerings have been completed, would they partake of them themselves. Besides, in my Pureland there would not be the eight hardships nor the evil things. There would be neither sins nor prohibitions, never sorrows nor displeasures.

9. My Pureland would consist of accumulations of countless wondrous jewels, adorned with countless Muni wondrous jewels dispersed. These Muni jewels would never have been in the ten directions and would be rarely obtainable. The names of such jewels could not all be mentioned in a koti years. Those Bodhisattvas who would like to see my Pureland made of gold would see it made of gold; those silver, silver. And yet seeing gold would not be affected by others' seeing silver. Likewise would be the cases for preferring to see it made of crystal, lapis lazuli, carnelian, red pearls or countless other jewels. All these visions would not interfere with one another. Likewise would be the cases for preferring to see it made of sandlewood incense, agaru incense or red sandlewood incense, etc. They would each see what each would prefer to see. Besides, in this Pureland the light of Sun, Moon, Muni, stars or fire, etc. would not be used for illumination. The Bodhisattvas would each illuminate one thousand billions nayutas Buddha-lands with the brightness of his body. Again, in this Pureland, day would be when the flowers are open and night, closed. Time and seasons would come and go just as the Bodhisattvas would like them to, and yet there would never be cold Winter nor hot Summer, nor old age, sickness and death. If the Bodhisattvas, as they would like it, would want to attain Bodhi, then they would go to the other Buddha-lands, die in the Tusita Heaven, and then descend and be born and attain Bodhi. There would be no Nirvana in this Buddha-land. The sound of hundreds and thousands of kinds of music would, although not appearing in any form, be heard in the sky. This music would not yield those sounds of lustful love, but only those of the paramitas, Buddhas Dharmas, Sanghas, or the teachings for Bodhisattvas. The Bodhisattvas would hear all the wondrous Dharmas that they could understand. Besides, the Bodhisattvas would, upon the desire to see Buddha, wherever they would be, whether they would be walking, sitting or standing, instantaneously see All-Would-See Tathagata sitting under the Bodhi-tree. If the Bodhisattvas would have any doubt about Dharma, upon seeing that Buddha, without waiting for explanations, the web of doubts would be broken and they would understand thoroughly the meaning of the Dharma.

10. There are countless, innumerable hundreds, thousands, billions nayutas Buddhas, the World-Honored Ones that I have perceived. All the merits and ornaments of all their Buddha-lands would be put into my Buddha-land, except those pratyekabuddhas, sravakas and the Five Turbidities, etc.