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Mahasiddha Khenpo Achuk Lama Rinpoche

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Ah 02.jpg

 I am posting this here with some trepidation because many people in this modern world are so skeptical that they discredit anything that is beyond their ordinary experience or beyond their usual knowledge. So I warn you first, if you are unable to accept anything here, please feel free to skip this post. But please don’t slander or create negative karmic speech or negative thinking because you will generate very serious karma (since the object here is a very holy being)

The picture i put above is a picture of the great present-day Mahasiddha Achuk Lama Rinpoche who is 84-5 years old now and presently still in Tibet. He is the head lama at a monastery called Yachen Monastery and teaching more than 10,000 monastics (monks and nuns)… many of whom have displayed amazing signs of accomplishments. In recent Tibet history, the reemergence and strengthening of the teachings of Dzogchen after the Cultural Revolution have been largely attributed to the efforts of the two Dharma Lords likened to the sun and moon of Tibet. The sun being H.H. Jigme Phuntsok (who is also the Guru of Dalai Lama and no longer with us physically), the moon being H.H. Khenpo Achuk Lama Rinpoche. Achuk Lama Rinpoche is also a present day Terton and has opened up many sacred mountains for the benefit of many beings in Tibet. He has retrieved many termas whether as statues or ritual implements or practices. His wave of activity is impossible to describe and many of his disciples are realised on the bhumis and have traversed the four visions of Togal.

For those who are incredulent about the possible high and unbelievable achievements of the dharma especially the Dzogchen teachings may refer to the unadulterated photos above. Top shows Achuk Lama Rinpoche in puja, at his forehead is the self manifesting image of Chenrezig. Bottom Left shows Achuk Lama Rinpoche with Samantabhadra above his crown. Bottom Right shows Achuk Lama Rinpoche who manifested the rainbow body in photograph (by the way, the lotus at the bottom is not there when they took the photo, in case you are wondering… generally lamas are not put on a lotus, they are put on thrones). You may click to enlarge…

Achuk Lama Rinpoche is widely acknowledged to be the emanation of Longsal Nyingpo, Longchen Rabjam, Padmasambhava’s disciple Gyalwa Choyang, and various other great masters. He has displayed many signs of miracles such as freely leaving hand-prints, foot-prints, discovering termas, going into the water for days without harm, knowing the past, present, and future without any impediment, and most popularly for his body mandala and many thousands of people have witnessed the many deities and mandalas of the major tantras present in his body itself. Seeing his body mandala is a unique means of blessing, empowerment and also a way to ascertain the disciple’s realisation. For some karmically ready people, it is also an introduction to wisdom mind.

I post this photo for two reasons despite my many hesitations…

1. The photo proves that accomplishments are present in this day. Many of Rinpoche’s disciples in China have attained accomplishment, including layperson disciples.

2. The photo of an accomplished being brings blessings by sight. Achuk Lama Rinpoche is widely acknowledged to be thong-drol which means liberation by sight

If i have the time and conditions are ready in future, i will write a bit more about the Wishfulfilling Jewel Achuk Lama Rinpoche. Let me end with some verses of praise:

It is said by Lord Buddha to Shariputra
That realisation can only arise with faith
Seeing that beings in this dregs of age lack faith
Kind Guru Padmasambhava has sent his beloved son you…
Your hardship of 43 years with your Guru with unwavering mind
That does not flinch even at the sight of the Red Army
Has shown what is true devotion

Your decades of retreat, fuelled by stainless Bodhichitta,
Travelling through the skies of unbridled awareness
Viewing worldly matters as so much impermanence
Has manifested in inconceivable benefit for infinite beings
May I forever follow these footsteps of yours and the great lineage masters

By Dharmakaya Amitabha, by Sambhogakaya Chenrezig, by Nirmanakaya Padmasambhava,
You are the hope and refuge of all beings now
May you live forever to benefit all beings, may your health always be good,
May extensive enlightened activities be unfurled as you wish.

Your courage to proclaim the teachings in this times
when merit ebbs and doubt is rife
showing miracles to ripen the half-baked faith of disciples
displaying the ultimate intent of the teachings through your body
for those who cling to sight,
To you who are the embodiment of all the Yidam-deities, realm & awareness undivided, I pay homage!

The Lama’s secret intent is beyond all concepts
But because this one is anxious to accumulate some paltry merits
therefore these short verses were written with fingers dancing on alphabet symbols
converted by conceptual English habit to that which bridge form, sound and consciousness
By this merit may all sentient beings attain total liberation! Auspiciousness!

P/S: If you circulate the photo please do proper explanation of the context to minimise any faults arising from misunderstanding. May all that arise from this post and photo create causes for sentient beings to recognise their own primordial basic nature. Emaho!

Note: Some people have asked me for more information about Achuk Lama and his teachings… as Achuk Lama speaks in Tibetan solely and his teachings have seldom been translated into any other language, thus it is not possible for me to give more leads as to where to get more teachings by him. However, the good news is that you can learn more about Achuk Lama’s lineage via his heartson Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche . There are teachings there and will be continuously updated with more info, i hope.

Second Note: To the grief and misfortune of sentient beings, Achuk Lama Rinpoche has just passed into Parinirvana this year on the early morning of 24th July 2011 at around 2am. There were many signs of accomplishments and miraculous sightings and happenings. His body shrank to about 1 inch. He sat in Thukdam or meditation for about slightly more than a month. I pray that his rebirth will swiftly come to us. You can find the prayer for his rebirth in the abovementioned blog.