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Stream Entry

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 Oh Victorious One,
Having made the Mind the object of your meditation,
Having collapsed all dualities and closed all gaps in experience,
And directly apprehended the Truth of your true nature,
As nowhere and everywhere, neither can it said to exist nor not exist,
You have entered the Great Path
That will inevitably lead to complete enlightenment, Buddhahood,
In no more than seven lifetimes.
Never again will you be born into any realm lower than human;
ie. hell being, ghost, animal, jealous god, etc...
This is surely good news!

Having directly beheld the primordial nature of the whole Universe,
In which it self-arises uncaused as a seamless sphere, complete, undivided,
Ignorance has been liberated. There now is not enough karma to keep you wandering in Samsara. You are lucky indeed, Oh Fortunate One. You have entered the stream of the path that leads to complete liberation.

Forever have the first three fetters been liberated:
Deluded belief in a separate self. Now you know that your personal identity is a deluded dream character with no inherent reality whatsoever, an optical illusion of consciousness.
The second fetter is skeptical doubt. Now you know through direct experience that the teachings of the Buddha are true and compassionate fingers pointing to liberation from suffering, delusion, and ignorance. The path is no longer a matter of belief or having faith is teachings that you don't understand. You have first hand knowledge of the Truth of the teachings. Confidence and conviction are yours.
The third fetter is attachment to rituals. From now on you know that progress on the path does not come from anything outside of yourself, or any action you can do. No magic formulas, complex rituals, secret mantras, have any power other than what is projected onto them to liberate us. It all comes from the Natural Mind which is our very nature. No concepts, cosmology, thought systems, world-view, etc.... is inherent in the Natural Mind but superimposed on it. All is a dream.

Now the rock has been removed, the knot loosened and partially untied, the rest of the fetters will fall off if one is open to new insights, the final stages to enlightenment can happen all at once, or slowly over the next seven lifetimes, but know for sure oh Primordial One that it is now inevitable. Deep in your heart you already know that you are none other than the Primordial Buddha and you are an actor in a play where your role is a suffering sentient being. But deep down you know better, you know the Truth!!!

Dear Stream Enterer, the stream you have entered is the eight-fold path that leads inevitably to Buddhahood. How fortunate you are! How lucky you are to be a human being who can understand these teachings that lead one out of samsara, who at this moment is fully capable of recognizing your Natural Mind. The odds of having this fortunate birth in this body where you are not being tortured, starved, etc... but free to practice these teachings, is unfathomably slim. How lucky you are to have this body in which to attain perfect enlightenment and final freedom after wandering through samsara of suffering since beginningless time.
How lucky you are to not only attain human rebirth, but to have realized your true nature while in this life, and to have entered the stream to enlightenment.

Oh Fortunate One,
Now that you know what is possible, as your Wisdom Eye has opened and you intuitively understand all of the Buddha's teachings, you are now committed and motivated to attain enlightenment for the sake of all sentient beings. You now know that true happiness is not found by seeking pleasurable sensations and avoiding unpleasant ones. You now let go and fully allow the stream to carry you to its final destination. You will take a huge circle of friends with you!

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