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Benefits of Vajrayogini practice, Vajrayogini lineage

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By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Root Institute, Bodhgaya, India; 26 December 2003 - 02 January 2004 (Archive #1470)

Lama Zopa Rinpoche gave these teachings at Root Institute, Bodhgaya, in December 2003. There were seven days of teachings; days 5 through 7 are included here. You can listen to the first four days here.

During these three days Rinpoche continued to give commentary on Atisha's Jewel Garland.

The special advantage of practicing Vajrayogini, [pause] so the Chakrasamvara, so this Vajrayogini teaching is, Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo explained, the heart, the Vajrayogini teaching is like the heart of the Chakrasamvara root text tantra, the tantra of the Chakrasamvara root explanation, it says. So the heart of that is taken out.

So this Vajrayogini has many traditions. The main one is Indra kachö and Meti kachö and Naro kachö, three. Then, the ultimate, the integrated, the ultimate essence of the profound meaning of those is the Thirteen or Fourteen Golden Dharmas of the Sakya tradition. Among those Golden Dharma, then there are three types, it’s called ?marmo _____ sum, there are three red deities.

So the main one is this Naro kachö. By achieving the sublime realization, then you achieve by the way also common siddhis. And then by practicing this, the fortunate being, without leaving the body on the earth, you can go to pure land. Such a profound instruction, Naropa ______. This is well known, this is far-famed, called, even more profound ?about Naro. So this is the teaching of the mother, Naro kachö.

Then, those who has most merit and most intelligent one, then just by doing the 400,000 mantras, retreat, the mantra, the enabling action retreat with the fire puja, then just continuing the tsog offering on the 10th and 25th, then without breaking the recitation, then, so then one go to pure land just by that, Vajrayogini pure land just by that, the enabling action retreat, 400,000 with fire puja, then you continue the tsog without missing and then the reciting mantra, the prayer. So able to be born in pure land and that way become enlightened, if that happens then become enlightened there.

So then the middle one, middle intelligent, even by doing the 400,000 mantras, the retreat, and doing fire puja and continuing the tsog offerings and doing the sadhana, the mantras, if the sign that one will go to pure land, if it didn’t happen, then you recite, you do the great retreat, you do 100 times 100,000 mantras and with the fire puja.

Then the nearing and obtaining retreat together. So the front generation and then the taking self-initiation and collect the sindura each time, put in the linga, not the linga! [RL] Langali, not linga, sorry. Langali. [RL] So, then by depending on the langali wood then after that, then you have to do retreat of this, you have to do practice by depending on the langali.

Then, in a cemetery, you put langali, you make a hole and put the langali inside, straight, with the sandalwood cover on top, then you cover with earth, without seen by anybody, then the whole night you have to sit on that and do self-initiation, do meditation. Then, maybe it started from 10th then maybe up to the next maybe 25th or something like that or when, I’m not sure. So then you do this, then in this way then you go to pure land.

So the highest intelligent one and the middle intelligent one, both able to go to pure land in this life, so doing these practices, like this.

Then the last one, by doing all those, unable to go to pure land in this life, unable to achieve pure land in this life, but then in the intermediate, so that person, then intermediate stage, going to pure land this life didn’t happen, but in the intermediate stage then one get appearance of doing the meditation-recitation of Vajrayogini. Then the daka-dakinis do procession for you, then you go to pure land from intermediate stage.

Then, now, the very lower intelligent, extremely lower intelligence, so even going to pure land from intermediate stage even that didn’t happen, but next life get born as human being, then that life or the next life, so you meet a guru who reveal the Vajrayogini path, gives initiation and commentaries and also teach Vajrayogini path.

Then, so by practicing then you go to pure land, so means going to pure land, not in this life, not intermediate stage, but ?other ?life go to pure land. So, in the very lower intelligent, extremely low intelligent, so like this. So by doing listening, reflecting, meditation practice this Vajrayogini, so one will achieve the attainment of the pure land.

So now the particular advantage, there are four advantages why practicing Vajrayogini. Four advantages why Vajrayogini practice makes easy to achieve enlightenment. So this Vajrayogini path, this contains all the important points of the Chakrasamvara path. So this Vajrayogini path contains many instructions, that’s one advantage.

Then next one, it doesn’t have that many sophisticated or many mandalas, many deities, so extensive mandala, it doesn’t have, it’s very simple mandala, so the celestial mansion, the triangle shape, the chöjung. Then the deity doesn’t have many arms or difficult to visualize, many heads, many arms, so it’s just one face, two arms, so very simple.

So therefore, so in such these times, people who are very distracted and very lazy, even they can practice this Vajrayogini. So it has very small, it doesn’t have many words, but it has very extensive meaning, and very quick to receive blessing. So, like this, other deities do not have. So therefore, second advantage is very simple, very easy to practice.

And the third advantage of how it makes to achieve enlightenment quickly, that the Vajrayogini in the form of female body, in female form, among the, so Vajrayogini comes in the form of female, someone mixed among the ordinary women, when they come. So to subdue the sentient beings who are crazy by attachment, so strongly grasp, so to subdue those sentient beingsminds, attachment, so comes in the form of female body among, mixed among the ordinary women. It comes to bless the mind. So it’s therefore very quick to achieve attainment. So this is third advantage, to make quick, easy to achieve enlightenment.

And then also, the other deities do not have, but this Vajrayogini path has, is inconceivable practice. There is the common inconceivable and uncommon inconceivable, so you can practice this even during the generation stage. So you can practice this, and other one, this is a very special meditation that without need to leave the body in this world, with this body to go to pure land.

It’s very special practice that the Vajrayogini has and even, the other one is, even during the generation stage you can, one can meditate on the completion stage. That means without need to wait until one has the realization of generation stage. So during, while your mind is training in the generation stage, then completion meditation you can do, so that also makes easy to achieve enlightenment.

So, the conclusion is that, the Fifth Dalai Lama explained, The highest intelligent and middle, with this body can go to pure land. The lower one, the last one, body of, from the past or from intermediate stage, welcomed by the daka-dakinis.

Then, the very last one, through rebirth, taking human rebirth again, through rebirth, then achieve enlightenment, yeah, pure land, achieve enlightenment. Then extremely quick, in one second, one go to pure land extremely quick by, in one second, so with this path one go to pure land extremely quick in one second. 

So I guess, might mean that special meditation, by practicing that, then when you die then, can be when you do or maybe without waiting for that, however, so in one second one is able to go to pure land. [Break in recording]

...that actually appeared to the great yogi Naropa, Vajrayogini, then did all initiation, teachings. Then, even though Naropa had many, far-famed, so many disciples in India and Tibet, also ?helped Marpa, Marpa is Naropa’s disciple but didn’t give this Vajrayogini initiation, didn’t pass next to Marpa by Naropa, but the Nepali, the Phamtingpa brothers only granted them, both, who achieved the Vajrayogini. So the lineage came through that.

So down to my gurus, to direct gurus. So I received from His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche a few times. Then a few times from His Holiness Zong Rinpoche. Then also from Denma Lochö Rinpoche, I think maybe at least two times, if not three, at least two times. So Rinpoche said, that time Rinpoche said, that Labsum Dorje Chang, Rinpoche ?received the initiation from Labsum Dorje Chang and Labsum Dorje Chang said that up to seven generations the Vajrayogini accepted the followers to be, so from Labsum Dorje Chang up to seven generations, then Vajrayogini accepted to guide in the pure land.

So, Rinpoche received from Labsum Dorje Chang, so I received from Rinpoche. So also, here, some of you may have received also from Rinpoche, Vajrayogini initiation, so that very close. So up to seven generations, Vajrayogini promised to guide the followers, disciples, in the pure land.

And also, then maybe two or three times I received from Mongolian lama, Geshe Seng-gye, who was abbot for I think five years in Tibet, both Sera Me and Je, from whom I received almost all the whole entire teaching of the Most Secret Hayagriva.

Then, I received maybe a few times from His Holiness Serkong Tsenshab Rinpoche, who is Marpa’s son, Darma Dode. Then, from Rilbur Rinpoche I received one or tow times, I think. Then, from His Holiness Chobgaye Rinpoche I received maybe two times, at least. Then, His Holiness Sakya Trizin in Bodhgaya, as a part of the Thirteen Golden Dharmas, didn’t receive all the Thirteen Golden Dharmas, but most of it. So, up to my, the direct gurus, so without the, the continuity of blessing is unbroken. Then without corrupted, mixed up or corrupted, the teachings of the Vajrayogini, then without losing the, without corruption in samaya, so from Vajrayogini to Naropa, from there to my gurus.

So many beings, like stars at nighttime, so many beings achieved, went in pure land, achieved enlightenment through Vajrayogini practice, by practicing Vajrayogini path. So think, extremely fortunate that, by taking the initiation, then opportunity to practice the Vajrayogini path.

So then, anyway, I’m not going to go over the outlines, okay. So now then, giving torma to the interferers. [Break in recording]

Rinpoche chanting of Vajrayogini tsog prayers