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This is an appeal to all Buddhists on the net!

Help and support buddhist scholar Mr​.​Vello Vaartnou.jpg

I have a problem in Sweden. They want to kick me out of the apartment in which I live, they refuse to pay me rent. I need an apartment because I have a huge number of books - more than 8500 and can not be placed in a small room.

I have also been working on the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia project for 8 years. The number of articles exceeds 62 thousand plus a glossary of terms in Sanskrit, Pali, Chinese, Tibetan and several more languages.

I started this project 8 years ago and since then I have been working on it for 18 hours a day. In addition, for 14 years I have been organizing two international scientific conferences - Buddhism & Nordland and Buddhism & Australia.

Now I moved to Sweden and started another project - Swedish Buddhist Studies. Its purpose is to introduce teaching of Buddhism at universities. I believe that since Sweden is a Christian country, my activities are extremely disliked by local authorities. Hence the attitude to my work.

The social security service told me that this work is not scientific and they are not at all interested in it. I asked them for help at least to pay for the Internet, which I absolutely needed to work, but they refused me even that. Swedish universities have programs for Islam and Christianity, but they don’t even want to hear about Buddhism. That's all my results to date in this country.

Why am I writing about this? Now it’s the 21st century, and Sweden, in relation to my work and projects, behaves as if in the yard of the 15th century. And this is Europe!

That is why I am turning to Buddhists so that you support me in my work in the field of Buddhism. You can help me and write letters of recommendation stating that you approve of my work and consider it important for Buddhism and Buddhists. And that they can’t throw a person into the street, but vice versa - Sweden should support me in my work, just as they support the study of Christianity and Islam.

You can practically demand the support of Sweden in my scientific work. You are asked to write to me, and I, in turn, will forward them to the authorities. Let's see what they say to that! It seems to me that they really did not like my last project on the introduction of teaching Buddhism at universities, and if you as Buddhists think it is necessary, you should support me.

If you wish to support my work with Buddhist projects, please sen a support letter to my address:

Sign petition on CHANGE.ORG

simple monk Vello Vaartnou

The 9th International Conference Buddhism & Australia

will be held on 6-8 February, 2020 in Perth, Western Australia.

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Back in Berkeley

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Two people from Buddhism & Australia, Vello Vaartnou and Marju Broder represented Australia at the UC Berkeley PNC conference that was held on 16-18 August, 2016 in Los Angeles.

The PNC was founded at the University of California, Berkeley and it encourages scholars, academic institutions, and universities to collaborate and exchange their academic resources and research expertise.
It is really wonderful, that Western Australia which is usually known for the mining boom, was represented by two people who deal with the academic aspect of Buddhism on international level. Until today, Western Australian universities do not have Buddhist studies at all.

Prof. Emeritus Lewis Lancaster from UC Berkeley was the key speaker of the first International Conference Buddhism & Australia was very satisfied with the conference, academic presentations and organizational work. He considered that it is necessary to establish connection between Perth and UC Berkeley Already in 2012, Vello Vaartnou represented Australia at the UC Berkeley and introduced his century project, an online Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia to the international audience. Last year, Australia was represented by Marju Broder at the Berkeley PNC conference at the University of Macau, where the projects of Buddhism & Australia were discussed. Two research papers on Buddhist history was presented at the PNC 2016 in Los Angeles this year. Vello Vaartnou research introduced Buryat Buddhist history( Samdan Tsydenov, Bidja Dandaron and the Abbot of Kumbum) and Marju Broder talked about Karl Tonisson, the father of Estonian Buddhism and his connections with Buryatia and Asian countries.

Guru mandala thanka made by Vello Vaartnou was presented to UC Berkeley and Prof. Lancaster