The 9th International Conference Buddhism & Australia
will be held on 6-8 February, 2020 in Perth, Western Australia.

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Title: Third Annual Buddhism & Australia Conference 2014
Date: March 4, 2014
From 6 -7 February 2014, the 3rd International Conference Buddhism & Australia was held in Perth’s Trinity College, University of Western Australia. This annual Buddhist conference commenced with three welcome speeches. The first was by Master Vello Vaartnou, the Head of Estonian Nyingma and founder of Buddhism & Australia Conference; the second was spoken by Hon. Liz Behjat, on behalf of the Hon Peter Collier MLC, Minister for Education and Aboriginal Affairs and the third by Mr. Peter Stuart, Honorary Consulate of Mongolia. Read more

Title: Buddhism in Perth Australia through 3rd Eye
Publisher: BBN - Buddhist Broadcasting Network
Date: December 2, 2013
Photos of many events held in western Australia during the last 3 years are seen here in pictures. Lot more events to be held in time to come. If you are a western Australian who looks to learn Buddhism Read more

Title: Taiwan Buddhist Magazine
Date: July 2012
Read more

Title: Buddhism in the Soviet Union (Video incuded)
Date: May 20, 2012
Venerable Vello Vaartnou is a Buddhist monk from Estonia. He is the main organizer of the 2012 “Buddhism and Australia” conference. Buddhistdoor is glad to welcome Vello Vaartnou for an interview to learn more about his past and present projects. Read more

Title: 2012年5月1日(二)造訪巴麥欽哲仁波切的首位將西藏佛教寧瑪派引入愛莎尼亞 (In Chinese)
Date: May 2, 2012
他因為想學佛在17歲想逃出鐵幕被蘇聯關了三年.出來後不畏KGB的監視仍不放棄學佛.在愛莎尼亞建立共產蘇聯下的第一座寺院與佛塔.這故事可以賣給好萊塢.並給三寶弟子們做榜樣了 Read more

Title: International Conference 'Buddhism and Australia'
Publisher: Buddhist Times
Date: February & March 2012
Read more

Title: Buddhists Gathering in Australia
Publisher: Buddhistdoors- New Lotus
Date: March 1, 2012
Scientists and Buddhist scholars gathered from all over the world for Buddhism in the Austral-Asian region at the first annual International Conference “Buddhism & Australia”. The event took place in Murdoch University, Western Australia, 2-4 February 2012. The academic Buddhist conference was the first of its kind on Australian soil. Academics and Buddhists came together from many different countries around the world: USA, Canada, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Mongolia, China, Thailand, Laos, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Taiwan, Indonesia. Read more

Title: ÚC: Hội thảo về Phật giáo tại khu vực Úc-Á (Vietnamese)
Publisher: Buddha
Date: February 2012
Cuộc Hội thảo Quốc tế Thường niên lần thứ nhất "Phật giáo và Úc" đã diễn ra tại trường Đại học Murdoch, bang Tây Úc từ ngày 02 đến 04-02-2012. Hội thảo học thuật Phật giáo này là loại đầu tiên tổ chức tại đất Úc, khi một số học giả và Phật tử từ khắp các nước trên thế giới cùng đến với nhau; Hoa Kỳ, Gia Nã Đại, Đức, Latvia, Nga, Mông Cổ, Trung quốc, Thái Lan, Lào, Ấn Độ, Tích Lan, Cam Bốt, Đài Loan, Indonesia. Read more

Title: Estonian monk on mission to enlighten
Publisher: The West Australian
Date: January 24, 2012
Read more

Title: Buddhism could enlighten Australia and Asian cultures
Date: January 24, 2012
Vello Väärtnõu, who is the head of Estonian Nyingma Buddhism, said he wanted to bring together the Buddhists in Perth and encourage more people to learn about the tradition. Read more

Title: Buddhism could enlighten Australia and Asian cultures
Publisher: Perth Now
Date: January 24, 2012
Vello Väärtnõu, who is the head of Estonian Nyingma Buddhism, said he wanted to bring together the Buddhists in Perth and encourage more people to learn about the tradition. Read more

Title: Vello Väärtnõu
Publisher: Estonian World Review
Date: July 15, 2011
Vello Väärtnõu (born 17.07.1951) is the founder of Estonian practical Buddhist tradition, builder of stupas and master of thangkas, internationally recognized painter, founder of Estonian National Independence Party and author of its program, also author of Buddhist Encyclopedia and international Buddhist conferences, founder and leader of Estonian First Buddhist Brotherhood and Estonian Nyingma. Read more

Title: Politics, Religion and Art Make a Colorful Mix
Publisher: Voice
Date: April 2011
Read more

Title: "Buddhism and Nordland 2010" in Estonia and "Dissemination of Theravada Buddhism in the 21st Century" in Thailand, where the subject for the International Conference
Publisher: International Buddhist College
Date: 2011
Ven. Zhen Chan, representing Thai Buddhist Institute, attended the International Conference held in Estonia where he presented a paper on "Buddhism in Malay Peninsula and its Relation with Nordland". Ven. Zhen Chan was well received by the local and national media, many interviews sort with him. He also delivered a speech on Buddhism for the 500 attending Buddhists. Read more

Title: To the lands of Estonian Prophet a Buddhist park is to be made
Publisher: Maaleht
Date: July 17, 2009
In the parish of Koonga, in Pärnumaa, in the lands of forest farm, first Buddhist buildings can be seen and the future should see it with Buddhist park similar to Rocca al Mare – Tibetan corner open to all. The founder of Buddhist Brotherhood (Taola) in Estonia in Soviet times, Vello Väärtnõu, is realizing his ideas from 1980s that were unfinished because of political situation of that time and his deportation. 2 years ago he returned as Swedish citizen to his farm in Pärnumaa that he had bought in the end of 1980s, to finish what once was started. After making the living rooms livable, the first stupa (built in honor of Buddha, marking the fixed system, dedicated to “the protection, wellfare and happiness of all beings”) was erected. 2 prayer wheels are finished and the place for buildings is marked with garlands (prayer flags) in Buddhist colors. If things go according to plans, then the area will be surrounded with 6 stupas in the future. Väärtnõu also talks about Buddhist monastery and temple for wrathful deities. Väärtnõu, who studied extensively in Buryatia and Himalaya during his refugee years, says that first of all, this Buddhist corner of Tibet is created with his kindred spirits for himself. Read more

Title: The Veltsa Village Will Have a Piece of Tibet
Publisher: Parnu Postimees
Date: July 3, 2009
The editor’s blue Nissan jumps around on the stone field roads like a horse carriage on wooden wheels even though the driver slows down considerably. Nothing indicates that here in the middle of the fields and forests a man is constructing a Buddhist center. Finally we see something shining-white showing from behind the trees. In the middle of the yard the visitors are welcomed by snow-white 10-meter construction with steps and a round top that catches the eye – the oldest Buddhist form of architecture – the stupa. Small colorful prayer flags flatter in the wind. Also in the middle of the yard there’s a half-way done red construction with round pillars. In front of the stupa there’s a fire temple with an oil lamp and Buddha statues, and a smoke can that emanates a sweet oily juniper smell. Read more

Title: About one interesting man
Publisher: Leole
Date: April 17 ,2001
Vello Väärtnõu has been characterized as “gentle brutal”, who is known to wider public from the field of art, religion and politics. Born in Saaremaa, the young man was caught in Karjala in Soviet time, trying to cross border and since then the security forces at the time (KGB) were keenly interested in his life. Read more

Title: About Vello Väärtnõu
Date: September 13, 1990
Vello Väärtnõu was born on 17th of July in Saaremaa. He studied in Kuressaare and was very active in sports, especially in swimming, penthatlon and yachting, being one of the firsts in Estonia. In the year 1972 he came to live in Suure-Jaani and in the summer of the same year he painted his first paintings and became interested in history and philosophy. Read more

Title: Tibet in Estonia
Publisher: Existentia
Date: 1985
One branch of Buddhism – Lamaism or Tibetan Buddhism was founded on 7th century by Padmasambhava and by his school of Nyingmapa or red hats and magicians (“Old” in Tibetan). This school is followed by those young taolans in Estonia and this writing with it’s prolonged foreword is meant to talk about them. Read more

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