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Dakini Simhamukha of Ayu Khadro Teaching by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

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Dear All, welcome to the Alive Dharma teaching at the Heritage of Mankind .

It was extraordinary Dharma event to listen Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche´s teaching Simhamukha Dakini mind terma of Ayu Khadro Dorje Paldron (1839-1953) on open webcast from Tashi Gar in Argentina .

Rinpoche´s memories of Ayu Khadro are so Alive and his teaching is fresh like a mountain stream of nectar .

In these days of March we celebrated 60 anniversary of Ayu Khadro .

Once in a dream Chögyal Namkhai Norbu asked me : Remember what happened in 1839 …. All these are wonderful happenings, as in a dream . OM AH HUM



Homage to the Three Roots

Ayu Khadro received mind terma/hidden treasure of Dakini Simhamukha at the age of 60 . She practiced it secretly for another 23 years at Dzongsa in East Tibet .

Right from the beginning when I received Dzogchen teachings from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu (from June 1989 onwards ) I felt very close to the Dakini Siamukha who also has close connection to Guru Padmasambhava .

Ayu Khadro was close student of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo who initiated Rime or non-sectarian movement in East Tibet.

Guru Khyentse received mind terma / hidden treasure of Dakini Siamukha , published by Shang-Shung Edizioni in 1991 , Series of Teaching 36 .

In This profound way the practice of the Dakini Siamukha is continuing till present day and is benefiting present and future generations .

Tulku Thondup writes in his book Hidden Teachings of Tibet :All tertöns/hidden treasure discoverers have Mind-mandate transmission of Guru Rinpoche (Explanation of the Terma Tradition of the Nyingma School of Buddhism , Wisdom Intermediate Series , Wisdom Publications, 1986).

Uninterrupted Ati yoga Dzogchen Lineage of Samantabhadra-Vajrasattva-Guru Garab Dorje and all lineage masters , including Manjushrimitra, Shri Singha, Vimalamitra, Guru Padmasambhava , Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, Nyala Pema Dündul , Ayu Khadro till present lineage masters like Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and others contemplate :

“The Mind transmission of the buddhas of three times is known as a transmission through blessings – naturally perfect blessings of all buddhas of the past and the future and of those who reside in the present.

Independent of articulated words this transmission is understood and realized through the natural Sound of Dharmata.”

Wellspring of the great perfection – The lives and insights of the early masters , compiled and edited by E.P. Kunsang, The Twelve Dzogchen Buddhas , An excerpt from the great history of the Heart Essence , part One belonging to the instruction section Cycle of the Heart Essence of Vimalamitra ,

Natural Sound of Dharmata (Tib. Chönyid kyi rangdra ) is therefore our connection with Dharmakaya within , with Samantabhadra/Samantabhadri within , our Primordial state , timeless present .

Ayu Khadro was one of those gifted Dzogchen masters who upholded this lineage and manifested Rainbow body with remainder , the same as Drimed Ödser , son of Dudjom Lingpa , previous incarnation of Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche (1931-2011).

We can really admire Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and his dedication to teach Dzogchen to wide audiences on open webcasts , reaching thousands across the globe.

This is the sign that Dzogchen Ati yoga will prosper in Kali yuga and will benefit and liberate countless beings .

2.1.1. Chögyal Namkhai Norbu taught at previous open webcast from Tenerife :

“ I was remembering when I was in Tibet and received teachings from my woman teacher Ayu Khandro. Ayu Khandro was a student of the first Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo and Nyagla Padma Dündul, and many of these important teachers.

When I received teachings from Ayu Khandro, I went particularly because when I was in college my teacher told me I should receive the Vajrayogini empowerment from her.

So I went to receive the Vajrayogini empowerment because I did not know Ayu Khandro and what teachings she was related to. In our region Ayu Khandro was famous, but not famous like a teacher that many people would go to to receive teachings.

She was considered someone who was doing a dark retreat her whole life and she prepared protection cords, black ones, and the Tibetans like these cords very much.

I had never met her but I already had the protection cord. Ayu Khandro lived at a small monastery that belonged to the Sakyapa tradition so I thought she was a Sakyapa practitioner. Also Vajrayogini belongs to the Sakyapa

I told her I came because she had this transmission of this teaching from the first Jamyang Khyentse, so for that reason my teacher of the college sent me.

When she read this letter she said, “Oh, you are a scholar studying in the college, a student of Khenpo Khyenrab, [my teacher was a very famous scholar], also you are a reincarnation, a studied one, I am only an old lady, what can I give you?”

It seemed she presented herself in a very humble way.

Then I thought maybe she does not want to give me the teaching. In any case, we met her that day. Nearby there was a Sakyapa monastery and that is where we put our tents and slept. I was not sure she would give me a teaching or not, but we tried again the next day.

Then when we arrived the next day before taking our breakfast, she sent a nun who was doing service for her and her niece, a very young lady, and they brought cheese and yogurt etc., and they said that Khandro sent this and asked me to come and have breakfast with her.

I went there and we were eating breakfast together, and she said, “Oh, I had a dream of my teacher Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo this night.”

When she met Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo she was young and could not meet him for many days because he was doing a personal retreat.

She and her friend were waiting some days there. One day Khyentse Wangpo asked them to come and he gave them a teaching called Khandro Sangdu. That is his terma teaching, Khandro means all dakinis, sangdu means the union of all secret teachings of the dakinis.

Mainly there is the practice of Dorje Palmo. So there is a series of three or four initiations and one is the main initiation and the others are related more to action mantras.

This teaching has fantastic instructions, tsalungs, kumbhaka, breathings; I remember very, very nice instructions.

Anyway Ayu Khandro had this dream of Khyentse Wangpo and he gave her advice to give this Khandro Sangdu teaching to me. This was not Vajrayogini, but I was very happy.

I said of course I am very happy, and asked her how should we do. Ayu Khandro said we should do two or three days of preparations.

There was a khenpo in this monastery, who was a student of Ayu Khandro, and she said we should ask this khenpo to prepare everything, ….

Meeting Ayu Khandro and the Drombu

As when I attended retreats and Teachings of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in person, I like to write notes .It is auspicious that Rinpoche is

nowdays also teaching from Dra Thal Gyur root tantra of Dzogchen Ati yoga . Here are some of my notes , extracted from handwriting :

“Dra Thal Gyur tantra explains : Dzogchen is the root of all Teachings on this earth. It is the essence….Dzogchen teaching will develop more and more till the end of our planet . Real state of Siamukha is our Real state. Dzogchen is final state of all Teachings.

Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche : “Guru Yoga and Song of the Vajra : most important Dzogchen practice is contemplation which is the state of Dharmakaya. …mantra is manifestation of Dharmakya through Sambhogakaya through Sounds .

Dra Thal Gyur tantra explains that the Root of all Knowledge is the Sound as transmitted by first of twelve Dzogchen Tummo practice can not be learned only from books, but from experienced Teachers. Books on Kamasutra don´t teach Tummo or inner heat practice. Our physical body has 5 vital energies (lungs) which must circulate correctly.

Meaning of the Bell : it is the method, prajna . Half of the Bell is Vajra, lower part is Sound . Method to get in our Real nature. All Sambhogakaya manifestations manifest from Samantabhadra /Samantabhadri. Union of YabYum represent state of MAHAMUDRA

Physical positions are for regulating our energy which depends on the body. Anuyoga uses non-gradual transformations. Anuttaratantra uses only gradual transformations: Kalachakra ptractice is very complicated and long , nowdays this practice become short , 10 pages long sadhana. Chögyal Namkhai Norbu : State of Dzogchen is non-dual of kadakh and lhundrub .

Nub Sangye Yeshe -disciple of Guru Padmasambhava translated Anu yoga tantras into Tibetan , from todays Tadjikistan and Kirghistan (Tazig country ).

Western Tibet had Shang-shung area around Mt. Kailash .At that time Shang-shung influenced also Tazig Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche explains difference between Hinayana and Mahayana Refuge and Vajrayana initiation.

In Dzogchen we go for Refuge to the Teacher through Guru Yoga : Namo Guru Bhye , Namo Dewa Bhye, Namo Dakini Bhye . Real Buddha is state of Dharmakaya. …. Transmission for Long Tun and Ekajati, Rahula, Dorje Legpa .

Dharma guardians protect the transmission . Rinpoche gives lung for Namkha and Lungta (included in Ganapuja). OM AH HUM Last day of Siamukha Dakini gongter hidden treasure by Ayu Khadro

Lung of Ayu Khadro Siamukha gongter by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche , given again today. Rinpoche gives also lung for Green Tara practice : air element (green) is more active .

Benefits of Green Tara practice are immense , praised by Shakyamuni Buddha

GREEN TARA sadhana in Anuyoga is very rare. There are many gradual transformations.

Terma of Adzom Drukpa has Green Tara practice in Anuyoga : non-gradual transformation (Anuyoga) .

Till TARE TARE…. it is system of lower tantras. With TAM we instantly transform into Green Tara . Good practitioners don´t need many action mantras .

Practitioners of lower tantras seek many mantras . More important is to have actual Knowledge . Mantras manifest through natural Sound of Dharmakaya to Sambhogakaya. Inner Sound can also manifest in good practitioners . With Dharma practice we must develop confidence .

Main mantras must be chanted a lot before chanting action mantras. It depends on quality of chanting, not so much and only on quantity. Rinpoche gives lung for 21 action mantras of Green Tara.

Lung of peaceful and wrathful Vajrapani . Peaceful Vajrapani is connected with Guru Garab Dorje . Lung of Red Garudha <- terma of Adzom Drukpa . Gharuda mantraterma of Changchub Dorje . Practice of Sang and Serkyem . Local guardians are very important in every place . ÖDZER

CHENMA is manifestation of Green Tara : important for travells , her seed syllable is MUM . 7x Invocation : Sharo sharo bal sharo …. mantra :

Om Maritseye Mum Svaha…. Puja of Nagas : used only on auspicious days for naga practice. Published in Merigar calendar .

Every month there are only few days auspicious for Naga puja (3-4 days).

Naga puja involves transformation into Guru Drakpur or Siamukha as in medium Tun.

One does not offer incense to Nagas, if incense includes animal products .

Almost all incense have animal products included , also incense from Japan ! For example : Tara incense in sold nowdays .

This is kind of medicine , not incense for offering .

It is for coordinating lung or prana energy in your body .

Practice of Ati Guru Yoga and dedication of merit.

May all be liberated into Six Spheres of Samantabhadra Buddha tradition.

When I arrived to Ayu Khandro I gave my letter from the college that said I had come to receive the empowerment of Vajrayogini.