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Elimination of bad karmaprotection from evils

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 Long lasting Solemn Bodhi Sutra, Ultimate Winner Recitation Sutra, Immensely Large Palaces Dharani Sutra.... More than twenty other Sutras affirm that writing the Dharanis on trees, fabric, paper, on the wall etc., or copying the Dharani, putting it in Buddha statues, towers, banners, for others to see, to touch or to pass by its shadow are causes of liberation. If the wind carries the dust that was on the banner having the Dharani written on it and touches someone, that person is liberated.

By Guardian God wearing the Dharani on the crown, body or clothing one is blessed. Through the simple hearing of the sounds of bells or even the sound from a conch that has Dharani written on it, one will be liberated of his worst, unpardonable sins and will be reborn in Buddha's land. The benefits will be much more so for the one who recites the Dharani for himself. From The Dharma End Stage One Word Sutra: One drives the ghosts and evil spirits that are within 500 miles radius away in four directions by reciting Dharanis.

Only the spirit who wishes to protect the practitioner can stay. If any spirit plans to stay and cause trouble, the guardian Gods will immediately break his head into hundreds of pieces and crush his body and his heart. The practitioner is thus safe to achieve enlightenment. From The Secret Sutras Collections: “Dharani can eliminate evil obstacles. This should not be disputed. The followers of the Hinayana School, for fear of being troubled by the Demons when they practice the Dharma Flower Sutra, affirm that Dharani has the power to eliminate evil spirits. Their Sutra says, “If evil spirits do not submit to my Dharani, and disturb the mind of the priest, their head will split in seven parts like the branches of the arcaja tree”. It was written in the Mahayana Commentary Sutra: “For the practice of meditation, one should recite Dharani to banish evil”.

And in Purpose of Contemplation Sutra: “If ghosts appear during meditation, recite the Mahayana Dharanis and other Dharanis in the Sutra, and recite it again before ending the meditation”. From The Golden Bright Light Sutra: “Even the tenth stage Bodhisattvas (Dasabhumi) needs Dharani for their protection, let alone the common people”. From Shuramgama Sutra: “It is not true that one can just sit at the altar and make the ghosts go away without reciting the Dharani”, “If people in this ending stage of Buddhism want to practice the Three Secrets, they should be encouraged to recite my Dharani to keep the ghosts away.

Evil spirits will not dare come close even if one does not wear the Dharani or recite enough prayers at the temple”. Such texts abound in the secret doctrine storehouse at the time when people are most vulnerable to Demons. Reciting the Dharani for another can protect the person from Demons, let alone reciting it for oneself. It does not make sense for Demons to dare hurt the practitioner. From Sacred Six Words Dharani Sutra, Wen Shu One Word Sutra, and more than 15 other Sutras: “Dharanis can end sufferings from physical and mental illnesses caused by the four elements, the five body organs, evil spirits, or by the retribution of karma. The indisputable force of Dharani can eliminate all”. From Recitation of the Dharani Sutra, Great Compassion Dharani Sutra: “Even a dead tree can be revived to bear fruits, let alone healing the simple physical diseases. There is nothing Dharanis cannot do”.

From Subahuh Sutra, Full Enlightenment Sutra (Susiddhikara-mahatantra-sadhanopayika-patala): “To pray for highest achievement, one must not use Dharani to help the Atulas forbid the worms and snakes from curing illnesses. Doing this hinders high achievement. One should carefully follow Buddha's instructions. However, if the person has true compassion of a Bodhisattva, it will not hinder his attainment”. From the Amogha-pasa Sutra (the name of a Bodhisattva in the Garbhakhosa Mandala): To perform exorcism, one must purify bad karmas and have enough compassion. This is usually the work of a Bodhisattva. From Sitatapatra (white canopy that shades all) Sutra:

If one is unable to get rid of his long standing greediness, he must devotedly recite the Dharani of Buddha. The power of Dharani has ended Matanga's long-standing love relationship for Ananda, allowing him to attain the Arhat rank. For this courtesan who never cultivated the way, the power of Dharani helped her attain the Position of Completed Study (4th rank of sagehood in the Sutra system). So much more could be done for the person who fervently wished for enlightenment. From Great Compassion Dharani Sutra: “The fire of lust will be extinguished and evil intention eliminated”. From Essay on Wish Fulfilling Sutra: “The Dharani practitioner was given more intelligence and blessings.

His words are trusted. One can freely use one's material wealth in 50 yohanas (1 yohana= 100 years), and earn respect from humans, Devas and Demons. One understands all philosophies, essays, treatises and books of this world naturally. One never forgets anything and can memorize up to a thousand invocations in a day. From The Brilliant Buddha's Crown, Great White Canopy of Light, Unsurpassed Spiritual Samadhi Dharani: “If the practitioner of the Dharani does not have any merits, the Buddhas of the ten directions will give him their own”. On the other hand, “If a good man faithfully recites the Dharani but remains a stupid person, then the Buddhas of the ten directions have lied.”

It is also said: Perseverance and intelligence will be granted to one ho is so lacking. Just as the medicinal herb of this world can add to mental energy without sleep or rest, it is not impossible for Dharani to add to one’s intelligence. From Amogha-pasa Dharani Heart Sutra: If anyone is fasting and observes the precepts, and focuses strictly on the reciting Dharani seven times 108, without mixing with any common words, they will surely have the 20 ultimate benefits listed below:

   1. The person does not get sick, he feels secure and happy.
   2. Even when sickness arises due to previous karma, healing will be fast.
   3. The person has a beautiful body constitution, and good complexion.
   4. The person earns love and respect from everyone.
   5. The person has invisible protection for the five senses (Sight, hearing, smell, touch & taste)
   6. Abundance of material wealth that one uses at will.
   7. The person's wealth is safeguarded and will not be seized upon by the king or lost through natural disasters.
   8. One has success in all actions and plans.
   9. Crops and other produce are protected from Dragons, frost, tornado or flood.
   10. If disasters happen to the rice crops, recite 7 times 108 on water or ashes and sprinkle it down the rice fields, in eight directions, above and below. Disasters will be eliminated.
   11. Evil spirits and Demons cannot harm one's vital energy.
   12. One enjoys the happiness, respect and never-ending adoration from others.
   13. The person has no fear of his enemies.
   14. Any enemies will be quickly subdued.
   15. Protection from human and non-human's harm.
   16. Protection from witchcraft, voodoos, poisons and spells.
   17. Protection from sorrows, reproaches and subjection to indignities.
   18. Protection from knife, poisons, flood, and fire.
   19. Deities and benevolent Gods are the person's guardians.
   20. The person remains forever close to people with compassion and leniency.

Eleven Faced Kwan Yin

 From Kwan Yin's Eleven Faces Dharani Sutra: “If the faithful good man or woman practices and recites Dharani, the following benefits will be granted:

   1. The body has no sickness.
   2. The Buddhas of 10 directions grants longevity.
   3. Unending properties, food and clothing.
   4. Able to subdue the enemies without having any fear.
   5. Earning respect and obedience from noble people.
   6. Unharmed by poison and evil spirits.
   7. Unharmed by all kinds of knives or canes.
   8. Will not be drowned by water.
   9. Will not be burnt by fire.
  10. Will not die suddenly or by unclear causes.

From Rites on Kwan Yin's worship, Rites on Wen Shou worship, Spinning Word On The Crown Sutra and more than 10 other volumes: “To wish for result, the practitioner needs to use
the following:

   1. Bow, arrows, cleaver, hammer, hook, string, rosary, bowl, robe... all the monks' belongings.
   2. Realgar, Orpiment and other medicine.
   3. Mix the soil from the riverbank with soft mud and shape it into animal species that walk and run: lion, elephant, horse, buffalo or species that fly: chicken, goose, peacock, bird.

   4. Mold, paint or sculpt Buddhas, Bodhisattvas or Wisdom King Statues according to one’s liking. Put the above items on the altar, and recite the corresponding Dharani until sparks of fire are emitted from any item. Then either hold the item in the hand or rub it on the body, or ride on it. He will be able to fly and can have his friend fly together with him. People who see them will also be able to fly and journey all over the world. They can visit and make offerings to the Buddhas. They will all live up to one kalpa (an indefinite length of time) and will attain the first of the ten stages of Buddhahood. If smoke is emitted, take the item in the hand or rub it on the body, one will become King in
the Immortal's land and live hundreds of millions years.

If hot air is emitted, one will be respected and loved by human and celestial beings. All his wishes will be fulfilled. Below are the respective levels of achievement: High, Average and Low: -If the light of fire appears - Support from Deities and respect from eightfold division of guardian Gods - Achieving all from the other Dharanis. -If smoke appears - Safety inside or out of the home. All wishes fulfilled. -If hot air appears - Love and respect from human beings, Deities and Demons.

In India, there was one who achieved the High level. He took 500 people with him up in the air. Here, in China, a man named Huai' Nan Wang recited the Dharani while he prepared a medicine potion. The chickens and dogs came by and licked the left over medicine in the cauldron. They were seen up in the air. That's why we have this saying: “Huai' Nan's enlightenment, the dogs barked in the clouds.Wa'ng Qiao becoming Imortal, swords flew in the sky.”

Such is the power of simple worldly medicine, let alone the indisputable power of the Buddha's Dharani. From Magical Transfiguration Petition: “There are people who deny the efficiency of the Dharani by saying that the idea of people flying in the daylight
is pure fabrication. The people who say that have never practiced the Dharani”. From Great Teacher King Dharani Sutra: “...or to help him marry the Dragon King's daughter; to make Yakscha his servant, to have authority to go in the palace of Asura. He can recite Dharani to a corpse who will tell him how to find precious metals underground, how to change common medicine into holy elixir, or to show him the directions to the treasure trove. People seldom hear about Dharani doctrine in the Theravada School. That is why the enlightened sage of the past says:”Apart from the three vehicles, Dharani is really a doctrine for realization.”