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Golden Mother Birthday Celebration Practice

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True Buddha School Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple,

Prior to practice, sit quietly, calm your breathing, relax your body, and empty your mind.
Visualize your family, friends, enemies, debtors, attached spirits, as well as all sentient beings practicing together with you.
The transcription in this text is based on Hanyu Pinyin phonetics system. It is necessary that you familiarize yourself with and follow the mantra chanting of our root guru, Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Grand Master Lu Sheng Yen.

1. Invitation of new fellow practitioners, visitors, or anyone who has not been present for a long time to stand up and introduce him/herself.
2. At the start of the practice, awaken the deities by clapping twice, crossing your arms in front of the chest and snapping your thumb and middle fingers.
3. Visualize the True Buddha Lineage—Namo Vairocana Buddha, Namo Buddhalocana, Namo Padmakumara, and Namo Living Buddha Lian Sheng. Visualize Living Buddha Lian Sheng (Grand Master), all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas shining light to bless the practice.
Recite the Root Guru Mantra: om guru Lian Sheng siddhi hum (7x).

4. Recite the Purification Mantras:
Om suri suri mahasuri susuri svaha
Om sudori sudori sumoli sumoli svaha
Om vajra dam ho ho hum

Namo samanta buddanam om duru duru devi svaha

om, xiu li, xiu li, mo he xiu li, xiu xiu li, suo ha
om, xiu duo li xiu duo li, xiu mo li xiu mo li, suo ha
om, wa ri la dan, he he hum
namo san man duo, mu to nan, om, du lu du lu di wei, suo ha

5. Recite the Invocation Mantra: om ah hum svaha (3x).
We sincerely invoke:

Namo the Holy Red Crown Vajra Master, Living Buddha Lian Sheng (3x)
Namo Vairocana Buddha at the center
Namo Akshobhya Buddha to the East
Namo Ratnasambhava Buddha to the South
Namo Amoghasiddhi Buddha to the North
Namo the Fundamental Teacher, Shakyamuni Buddha
zhong di zi yi xin feng qing:
na mo hong guan sheng mian jin gang shang shi Lian Sheng huo fo (3x)
na mo zhong yang bi lu zhe na fo
na mo dong fang ah chu fo
na mo nan fang bao sheng fo
na mo bei fang bu kong cheng jiu fo
na mo ben shi shi jia mou ni fo
Namo Medicine Buddha
Namo Golden Mother of the Primordial Pond
Namo Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
Namo Padmakumara
Namo Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva
Namo Manjusri Bodhisattva
Namo Maitreya Bodhisattva
Namo Vajrasattva
Namo Guru Padmasambhava
Namo Maha Cundi Buddha Mother

All Herukas, Dharmapalas, Dakinis and Divinities
All Buddhas of the Three times in All Ten Directions
All Bodhisattvas and Mahasattvas

Namo Maha Prajna Paramita

na mo yao shi fo
na mo wu ji yao chi jin mu da tian zun
na mo di zang wang pu sa
na mo lian hua tong zi
na mo guan shi yin pu sa
na mo wen shu shi li pu sa
na mo mi le pu sa
na mo jin gang sa duo
na mo lian hua sheng da shi
na mo zhun ti fo mu
jin gang, hu fa, kong xing, zhu tian shen zhong
shi fang san shi yi qie fo
yi qie pu sa mo he sa
na mo mo he bo ye bo luo mi duo

6. Great Prostration Using Visualization.

First, prostrate to the Root Guru and all Buddhas.
Second, prostrate to all Bodhisattvas.
Third, prostrate to all Herukas, Dharmapalas, Dakinis and Divinities.
Fourth, half bow.

7. Great Mandala Offering.

Form the Offering Mudra.
Visualize the transformation of the offering.
Recite the Offering Verse:
Mount Meru, the four continents, and the sun and moon
Are transformed into precious offerings for the Buddhas.
May these wondrous treasures, virtues and merits
Eradicate our karma and allow us swift realization.
xu mi si zhou bing ri yue
hua zhu zhen bao gong yang fo
zhong zhong zhen qi zhu gong de
xiao ye su su zheng pu ti
Recite the Offering Mantra:
Om sarva tathagata idam guru ratna mandalakam nairatayami
om, sa er wa, da ta jia da, yi da mu, gu lu na la, mian zha la, kan, ni li ye, da ye mi
8. Fourfold Refuge.
Visualize the Root Guru, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha to shine brilliant white light upon us, eradicating all body, speech and mind obscurations.
Recite the Refuge Mantra:
Namo guru bei, namo buddha ye, namo dharma ye, namo sangha ye (3x)
na mo gu ru bei, na mo bu da ye, na mo da mo ye, na mo seng jia ye (3x)

9. Armor Protection.

Form the Vajrapani Mudra.
Recite the Vajrapani Mantra:
Om burlam jeli (7x)
om, bo ru lan zhe li (7x)

10. Recite the High King Guanyin Sutra:

High King Guanyin Sutra:
Homage to Guanyin Bodhisattva
Namo the Buddhas
Namo the Dharma
Namo the Sangha.
Affinity with the Pure Lands opens the Dharma Doors,
By engaging permanence, bliss, identity and purity, one is blessed with the Dharma.
Namo Maha Prajna Paramita, a great wisdom mantra
Namo Maha Prajna Paramita, a great spiritual mantra
Namo Maha Prajna Paramita, a supreme mantra
Namo Maha Prajna Paramita, an unequalled mantra
Namo the Pure Light Secret Buddha
the Dharma Treasury Buddha
the Tranquil King Buddha with Lion’s Roar and Divine Speed
the Sumeru Light King Buddha Announced by Buddha
the Dharma Protector Buddha
the Vajra Treasury Roaming Lion Buddha
the Precious Victory Buddha
the Supernatural Power Buddha
the Medicine Crystal Light King Buddha
the Universal Light Merit Mountain King Buddha
the Merit Retaining Jewel King Buddha
the Seven Past Buddhas
the Future Thousand Buddhas of This Fortunate Eon
the Fifteen Hundred Buddhas
the Fifteen Thousand Buddhas
the Five Hundred Flower Victory Buddhas
the Ten Billion Vajra Treasury Buddhas
and the Fixed Light Buddha
The Buddhas of Six Directions:

To the East, the Precious Light Moon Palace Venerable Wonderful Voice King Buddha
to the South, the Tree-Root Flower King Buddha

gao wang guan shi yin zhen jing:
guan shi yin pu sa
na mo fo
na mo fa
na mo seng
fo guo you yuan, fo fa xiang yin,
chang le wo jing, you yuan fo fa.
na mo mo ho bo ye bo luo mi shi da shen zhou
na mo mo ho bo ye bo luo mi shi da ming zhou
na mo mo ho bo ye bo luo mi shi wu shang zhou
na mo mo ho bo ye bo luo mi shi wu deng deng zhou
na mo jing guang mi mi fo
fa zang fo
shi zi hou shen zu you wang fo
fo gao xu mi deng wang fo
fa hu fo
jin gang zang shi zi you xi fo
bao sheng fo
shen tong fo
yao shi liu li guang wang fo
pu guang gong de shan wang fo
shan zhu gong de bao wang fo
guo qu qi fo
wei lai xian jie qian fo
qian wu bai fo
wan wu qian fo
wu bai hua sheng fo
bai yi jin gang zang fo
ding guang fo
liu fang liu fo ming hao:
dong fang bao guang yue dian yue miao zun yin wang fo
nan fang shu gen hua wang fo
to the West, the Spiritual Power Flower Blazing King Buddha
to the North, the Moon Palace Purity Buddha
Above, the Countless Vigor Jewel Crown Buddhas
Below, the Tranquil Moon Sound King Buddha.
All the Countless Buddhas
Many Jewels Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha Maitreya Buddha Akshobhya Buddha Amitabha Buddha.
All beings in the Central Realm,
and those in the Pure Lands,
while moving upon the Earth
and through the Heavens,
affording them equanimity and peace,
shower limitless compassion upon all living beings,
that they might cultivate day and night.
By constantly invoking this sutra,
one is liberated from the suffering of birth and death,
and freed from all the many kinds of suffering.
Namo the great wisdom Guanyin
the observant Guanyin
the noble Guanyin
the expansively-minded Guanyin
the Medicine King Bodhisattva
the Supreme Medicine Bodhisattva Manjusri Bodhisattva
Samantabhadra Bodhisattva
Akasagarbha Bodhisattva
Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
the Billions of Clear Cool Treasure Mountain Bodhisattvas
the Universal Light Venerable King Tathagata Bodhisattva.
Chanting this sutra continually, the Seven World-Honored Buddhas proclaim this mantra:
li po li po di, qiu he qiu he di, tuo luo ni di, ni he la di, bi li ni di, mo he qie di, zhen ling qian di, suo ha (7x)
xi fang zao wang shen tong yan hua wang fo
bei fang yue dian qing jing fo
shang fang wu shu jing jin bao shou fo
xia fang shan ji yue yin wang fo.
wu liang zhu fo
duo bao fo
shi jia mou ni fo
mi le fo
ah chu fo
mi tuo fo.
zhong yang yi qie zhong sheng
zai fo shi jie zhong zhe
xing zhu yu di shang
ji zai xu kong zhong
ci you yu yi qie zhong sheng
ge ling an wen xiu xi
zhou ye xiu chi
xin chang qiu song ci jing
neng mie sheng si ku
xiao chu zhu du hai.
na mo da ming guan shi yin
guan ming guan shi yin
gao ming guan shi yin
kai ming guan shi yin
yao wang pu sa
yao shang pu sa
wen shu shi li pu sa
pu xian pu sa
xu kong zang pu sa
di zang wang pu sa
qing liang bao shan yi wan pu sa
pu guang wang ru lai hua sheng pu sa.
nian nian song ci jing,
qi fo shi zun, ji shuo zhou yue:
li po li po di, qiu he qiu he di, tuo luo ni di, ni he la di, bi li ni di, mo he qie di, zhen ling qian di, suo ha (7x)

11. Recite Amitabha Rebirth Mantra:

Namo amitabhaya, tathagataya tadyata, amrta bhave,
na mo ah mi duo po ye, duo ta jia
amrta sambhave, amrta vikarante, amrta vikaranta, gamin
gagana kitikare svaha (7x)
duo ye, duo di ye ta, ah mi li du po bi, ah
mi li duo, xi dan po bi, ah mi li duo, bi jia
lan di, ah mi li duo, bi jia lan duo, jia mi ni
jia jia na, zi duo jia li svaha (7x)

12. Form the Root Guru Mudra (Padmakumara Mudra).

Perform the three step dharmakaya emergence visualization—visualize the emergence of a moon disc, seed syllable hum (in white) on its center, which rotates to become Grand Master (Padmakumara) seated upon a whitelotus throne.
Visualize the empowerment of the three lights—white light on the brow chakra, red light on the throat chakra, and blue light on the heart chakra shine forth radiantly from Padmakumara to enter your brow, throat and heart chakras. Visualize your body is filled with radiant light and all karma is expelled as black smoke through the pores.
Perform mala visualization.
Recite the Root Guru Mantra: om guru Lian Sheng siddhi hum (108x).

13. The reading of the Golden Mother’s True Sutra of Liberation, Universal Salvation, and Cultivation and Perfection of Wisdom and Stabilization. See attachment.

14. Main sadhana.

Form the Golden Mother Mudra.
Perform the three step dharmakaya emergence visualization—visualize the emergence of a moon disc, seed syllable hum (in white) on its center, which rotates to become Golden Mother seated upon her dharma throne. Visualize the empowerment of the three lights—white light on the brow chakra, red light on the throat chakra, and blue light on the heart chakra shine forth radiantly from Golden Mother to enter your brow, throat and heart chakras. Visualize your body is filled with radiant light and all karma is expelled as black smoke through the pores. Perform mala visualization.
Recite the Golden Mother Mantra: om jin mu siddhi hum (108x).

15. Perform Nine Cycle Buddha Breathing.

Enter samadhi.

16. Recite the mantras of the Eight Principle Deities and incant Buddha Amitabha’s epithet:.

Om amitabha hrih
Om mani padme hum
Om prana nidani svaha
Om ha ha ha vismaye svaha
Om cale cule cunde svaha
Om jambhala dsalendraye svaha
Om ah hum vajra guru padma siddhi hum hrih
om, ah mi die wa, xie
om, ma ni, bei mi, hum
om, ben la mo, ning tuo ning, suo ha
om, ha ha ha, wei san mo ye, suo ha
om, zhe li zhu li zhun ti, suo ha
om, zhen ba la, cha leng cha na ye, suo ha
om, ah hum, bie zha gu ru bei ma, xi di hum,
Om ah hum guru bei yaho sasamaha Lian Sheng siddhi hum
Tadyatha om bhaisajya bhaisajya mahabhaisajya raja samungate svaha
om, ah hum, gu ru bei, ah ho sa sha ma ha, Lian Sheng, xi di hum
die ya ta, om, bie ka zi ye, bie ka zi ye, ma ha bie ka zi ye, la zha sa mo jia de he, suo ha
Namo the thirty six trillion, one hundred nineteen thousand and five hundred buddhas by the same name and identification of Amitabha (3x)
na mo san shi liu wan yi, yi shi yi wan jiu qian wu bai, tong ming tong hao ah mi tuo fo (3x)
17. Merit dedication.
May all who uphold the Buddha
Ascend to the Realm of Utmost Bliss,
Repaying the fourfold generosities from above
And aiding those in the three realms below,
Upon seeing the Buddha, may we transcend birth and death,
Just like the Buddha, may we liberate all.
yuan tong nian fo zhe
tong sheng ji le guo
shang bao si chong en
xia ji san du ku
jian fo liao sheng si
ru fo du yi qie
Recite the Supplication to Grand Master to Stay in the Saha World. See attachment.
As a True Buddha practitioner, I “name,” dedicate this merit to our Lineage Root Guru, Living Buddha Lian Sheng, so that he stays healthy, perpetually turns the dharma wheel in the saha world, never enters nirvana, and that all is auspicious.
May we all be healthy, free of hindrances, persevere in our cultivation, and may all circumstances be auspicious.
May all of our prayers be fulfilled.
May all calamities be dispersed. Wen!

18. Recite the Hundred Syllable Mantra 3 times:

Om vajrasattva samaya manupalaya, vajrasattva tvenopatistha, drdho me bhava, sutosyo mebhava, suposyo mebhava, anurakto mebhava, sarva siddhi me prayaccha, sarva karmasu came, cittam sriyam guru hum, ha ha ha ha hoh bhagavan, sarvatathagata, vajra ma me munca vajra bhava, mahasamaya sattva ah, hum, bhyah (3x)
om, bie zha sa duo sha ma ya, ma nu ba la ya, bie zha sa duo die nu ba di cha, zhe zuo mie ba wa, su duo ka yu mie ba wa, su pu ka yu mie ba wa, an nu la duo mie ba wa, sa er wa, si di, mie bu la ye cha, sa er wa, ga er ma, su zha mie, ji da mu, si li ren gu ru hum, ha ha ha ha, he, ba ga wen, sa er wa, da ta ga da, bie zha ma mie men zha, bie ji ba wa, ma ha sha ma ya, sa duo ah, hum, pei (3x)

19. Great Prostration Using Visualization.

First, prostrate to the Root Guru and all Buddhas. Second, prostrate to all Bodhisattvas.
Third, prostrate to all Herukas and Dharma Protectors. Fourth, half bow.
20. Recite the Completion Mantra: om bu lin (3x). Recite om mani padme hum.
End the practice by clapping twice and snapping your fingers.

21. Invitation of the presiding master to give dharma talk.
22. Announcements.
24. Invitation of the presiding master to bless the compassion water.
25. Great Prostration Using Visualization. Group practice completion.
0' Great Holy and Compassionate Great Celestially Venerated Wuji Jade Pond Eminent Holy Ruler of the West Golden Mother (3 recitations and 12 bows)
At a time,
[When] Heaven and Earth are prospering,
Wuji Holy Mother
Held a supreme Lung-hua Banquet at the Jade Pond.
Ruler of the [innumerable] multitude of sentient beings promulgating the essence of Daoist teachings.
Numerous immortals arrived bearing gifts.
Saints of the numerous eras toasted to Her honor, for they were in the presence of great celestial majesty.
Her merits and virtues are great and immense.
Harmonizing and governing the great power [of yin-yang),
Lord of immortals and master of the Dao.
Three thousand female attendants
Performed celestial music with flutes.
Celestial peaches [ripen after] hundreds of year [signaled]
The opening of the golden green spiritual garden.
Rescuing sentient beings in sufferings,
Sprinkled sweet nectars onto defiled world.
Great loving-kindness and vow,
Great holiness and compassion,
Great Celestially Venerated Wuji Jade Pond Eminent Holy Ruler of the West,
Golden Mother (3 recitation, 12 bows)
At that time,
In the light of Wuji, Jade Pond Golden Mother
Instructed rainbow immortal maiden Shuang-Cheng Dong to transmit scripture.
Golden Mother said:
In primordial time,
My teacher, Xuan-xuan-shang-ren, transmitted the Dao to Mu-gong.
Mu-gong then transmitted the Dao to me.
Henceforth, the transmission passed down through oral instructions.
Never was [the teaching) written down.
Yet, the heaven will widen the path today,
Universally delivering sentient beings of the East Forest.
Wishing sentient beings of the world,
Promptly seek out enlightened teacher.
Decipher the nature of the heart,
For it is no different from a burning house of the defiled world.
Exceedingly easy to be the fallen,
Terribly difficult to break-free,
Without the power of wisdom,
How can (sentient beings) be liberated?
[Those who] seek liberation,
Must first [attain] meditation stability and wisdom
With palms joined, Ci-hang Mahasattva respectfully asked the Golden Mother,
Wishing [Golden] Mother to open the gate of skillful means,
Expound the path of liberation.
The good fortune of sentient beings
Shall be Ci-hang's good fortune as well.
Her compassionate appearance showing great delight.
Golden Mother said to Ci-hang Mahasattva,
With great compassionate heart,
You manifest emanations in the land of the East.
Now requesting for the teaching of liberation,
You should listen attentively.
I will expound for you the Authentic Scripture of Universal Deliverance, Retrieval
of Perfection, and Liberation through Meditation Stability and Wisdom
At the time,
The heaven was suddenly filled with auspicious lights
Rainbow colored clouds revolved [the gate]
Luan (a celestial bird) and cranes stood guard
Banners and flags [appeared] dignifying the sky
Golden Mother rode in a chariot drawn by nine phoenixes
Supported by five colored clouds.
At that time,
Holy saints of three teachings
Arrived to give support
Celestial flowers bloomed
Immortal's music played rhythmically
Hence, Golden Mother
Empathizing with her children in the East Forest
Radiated the light of Wuji
Proclaiming in the light
Heaven originated from Wuji
[Giving rise to the] three "platforms" of Taiji, sun and moon.
[Then,] the Sun and moon, the yin and yang revolved
Man arise from the embryo of yin and yang,
Becoming male or female.
All trace their origin to Wuji.
Through one deluded action within [Wuji]
Plummet instantly into defiled world
Fallen into the evil world polluted by the five defilements,
Greedily grasping [to vices such as] liquor, sensual pleasure, wealth, and pride,
Consummate in the revolving transmigration.
Emotions like crashing waves, desires immense as the sea creating
[Resulting in shed] blood flowing across the earth is such pity.
[Resulting in] bodily remains decomposing and scattering is such sorrow.
At this point in her discourse,
Her motherly heart was throbbing with tears of compassion.
Then, Ci-hong Mahasattva joined palms and respectfully asked.
The pupil heard the Mother's golden teaching
Wuji gave rise to Taiji.
The "Iiang yi" (heaven and earth) further separated into three essences.
From this, innumerable multitudes of sentient beings were born.
Also because of this, they cease to be.
Why not enable them to enter the state of non-birth and non-cessation?
Avoiding blood flowing across the earth,
[And] bones accumulate like mountain,
Wouldn't this be such great blessing?
Golden Mother replied,
The separation of Taiji
Resulted from the heart of heaven and earth to give birth to sentient beings.
Blood flowing across the earth,
Bones accumulating like mountain,
Resulted from sentient beings' own misconducts.
Your now ask for the teaching [of non-birth and non-cessation]
Although there are paths to non-birth and non-cessation,
There is no reason for [them to be able to attain] non-birth and non-cessation
Then, the Venerable Ci-hong kneeled persistently before the throne,
Risking the ire to request for the promulgation of the Dao of non-birth and non-cessation.
Golden Mother, feeling great anguish,
Held her heart for a long time,
Said, I shall expound the teaching for you
Cultivators of the Dao
Use the cultivation to return to the original basis.
All things have original basis.
From the basis come branches
From branches come foliages
From foliages forms flowers
Then bearing fruits
Humanity and all things
Although different in form and capacities
Share this same principle
When the original basis is strong,
Then the roots grow.
With strong root,
Then the foliages are abundant.
When original basis wilt,
Then the root decays.
With the root decayed,
Then there is no foliage.
Hence, cultivate the Dao to strengthen the original basis.
How is the original basis strengthened?
Humanities regard its basis as filial piety and fraternal love.
Daoism regard the basis to be spiritual energy.
Faithfully adhere to filial piety and fraternal love
Then, as Man, there is no regret.
When the spiritual energy is abundant,
Then, the Dao can be cultivated.
Dao cultivation is no other than
Regaining [one's] original appearance.
Wherever the spiritual energy is dissipated
These are the places to retrieve it.
After hearing the Mother's discourse
Venerable Ci-hang
Had great realization in her heart.
Bowing down again making request
Profound is pupil's affinity
Fortuitously hearing such clear explanation on the Dao's fruition
Risking your ire but appealing to your compassion,
Please further explain the path of liberation.
Golden Mother said:, Liberation is not difficult.
The difficulty lies in (attaining) meditation stability and wisdom.
When the body and heart are in great meditation stability,
Then wisdom arises.
After wisdom arose,
Then liberation is easy.
Those who desire to understand this explanation
Must first eliminate the six bandits
Their ears should not be attached to sound
Their eyes should not be distracted by form
Their body should not be defiled by touch
Their mind should not have object of grasping
Their nose should not delude by scent
Their mouth should not have greed for taste
With the six bandits emptied

The five aggregates (form, sensation, conception, volition, and consciousness) become self-apparent (Form,] sensation, conception, volition, and consciousness [Become apparent] like form's reflections in mirror. With self-apparent of the five aggregates,
The three essences are joined. Jing, Qi, and Shen Are vibrant from prolong nourishment,
Flowing fluidly upward and downward
What difficulty is there in liberation?
Venerable Ci-hang
Hearing the Mother's discourse
Had clear realization in her heart
Bowing to Her golden complexion, she uttered this verse:
Ever since Taiji originated from Wuji,
Be it transformed into mankind,
Or other beings,
[They transmigrated in life and death [countless] thousands of times.
Such is the difficulty of liberation after becoming the fallen.
Not knowing to strengthen the basis then cultivate the body,
They are] like wilted tree without branch or foliage
Jade Pond Golden Mother with compassion
Personally composing prose on pattra leaves while supported on white clouds
Initially explained fruition of Dao and the joining of three essences
Subsequently explained that wisdom needs the strength of mediation stability
Sweep away the six bandits, empty the five aggregates
Returning to the original basis and regaining original appearance is the decision
of the wise. .

Jade Pond Royal Attendant Rainbow Immortal Celestial Maiden gave this praise:

Ci-hang Daoist has great compassion,
Persistently pleaded for liberation [instructions].
By the grace of Golden Mother's clear explanation,
Heaven's secrets and genuine sublime instructions were revealed.
Da-Cheng-Zhi-sheng-Xing-Ru-Zhi-Shi-Tian-Zun (Celestially Venerated Great
Accomplishment Utmost Holy Promulgator of Confucianism to Pacify the World,
Lord Confucius) said this praise:
Humanity uses filial piety and fraternal love as its original basis
Daoism use abundant spiritual energy as sublime antidote.
After the original basis is strengthened, then Dao arises naturally.
Becoming Immortal or Buddha is the practitioner's choice.
Tai-shang-Iao-jun zhang-jiao-tian-zun (Supreme Old Ruler, Celestially
Venerated Lord of Daoist teaching) praised saying:
[For those fallen hearing this teaching is]
Like chronically ill patient suddenly encountering skillful physician
Also, like (seeing) white crane appearing in the clear sky
Diligently cultivate the five qi.
"San hua jun ding" ("Three' Flowers' Joining at the Crown") leads to metamorphosis.

Celestially Venerated Shakyamuni Buddha said this praise:
Golden Mother's spoke genuinely unwilling to conceal secrets
Every of her spoken phrase is Paramita
The great cultivation of liberation, meditation stability, and wisdom
Are left to be made into vessel [for realization) by sentient beings
The numerous saints concluded their praises
Then, Golden Mother's sermon concluded
The rainbow maidens stood guard
Her chariot rose into the heaven
At that time, the saints of the three holy teachings
Buddhas of the Ten Directions
Bowed to pay respect
Faithfully received [teachings] and dutifully adhered
Propagating this scripture to deliver beings of the world
[Authentic scripture of] Retrieval of Perfection, [and Liberation through]
Meditation Stability and Wisdom
Children residing in the defiled world
Recite[thisscripture] in day and night
Through recitation impress [this scripture) into your heart
Aspire with every thought to ascend and pay respect
Golden Motherwillnaturally send protector guardians to provide assistance.
[Their]bodies willnot suffer demonic trial
Their residences willbe at peace
Their nations willprosper
Recite this scripture during the day
Insuring the peace and tranquility
Recite this scripture during the night,
There is not fright in dreams.
Recite this scripture during travels,
The deities of earth provide protection.
Recite this scripture on ship or vehicle,
The journey willbe smooth.
[Recite] In every thoughts and be purified,
[Recite] In every speech and be delivered.
This concludes Jade Pond Golden Mother's Authentic Scripture of Universal
Deliverance, Retrieval of Perfection, and Liberation through Meditation Stability and Wisdom
Note: the translation