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Malaysia Buddhist Community Warns About Lu Jun Hong

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Comments at list some of Lu's questionability.

Joint Press Statement by Major Buddhist Associations in Malaysia

21 February 2014

Mr. Lu Jun Hong from Australia (Director of Australia’s Eastern Radio Station, also known as Director Lu), will be organizing a Q&A seminar regarding “A Summary on the Art of Mystery” on 2nd of March 2014 in Malaysia. In relation to this seminar, many Buddhist associations have received enquiries from the public on whether the contents of this seminar are in accordance with the real Buddhist teachings. Thus, the major Buddhist associations in Malaysia felt the need to clarify and reiterate the true Buddhist teachings in order to educate the public.

Buddhism has been propagated for more than 2500 years and Mahayana and Tibetan Buddhism have been inherited and developed for more than a thousand years. Every sutra and mantra consists of profound meanings and teachings to relieve the sufferings of sentient beings and such teachings should not be altered by any lay person.

The spiritual teachings advocated by Director Lu contains interpretations that are unknown in Buddhism, including opposing the transference of merits, indicating timings that are unsuitable for chanting, advocating that certain sutra and mantra can fulfill the different needs of devotees, advocating that the “heavenly way” is more invincible than the Buddha’s realm, sketching a small house and burning it after chanting to seek merits etc. Even though he cites many Buddhist sutras and mantras in his teachings, if one compares them to the real Buddhist texts, one will know that such teachings are not the real teachings of the Buddha.

Buddhist teachings emphasize on educating devotees to realize the true reality of the universe and human life and do not encourage greed and attachment to worldly pleasures. Buddhism emphasizes on benefiting oneself and others, one can transfer his or her merits to family, friends, the world and the Dharma realm. Focusing on these two points, Director Lu opposes such practice and limits the teachings of The Great Compassion Mantra and Heart Sutra within the pursuit of worldly merits, healing of diseases, and is against the act of transference of merits, thereby disregarding the main objectives of compassion and wisdom in Buddhism.

Apart from this, Director Lu specializes in interpreting dreams and Feng Shui and he claims to be able to converse with the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and thus he is rather popular among the public; some devotees even worship him as the incarnation of the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. Buddhism emphasizes on following the Dharma but not the individual, the practice of promoting personal worshipping is not encouraged in Buddhism.

Lastly, if you wish to know more about Buddhism and its cultivation methods, we would like to appeal to the public to participate in Dharma services and courses organized by major Buddhist Dharma centers, so that you will be on the right path and not be confused by the teachings of a cult. Should you have any enquiries, you may contact any Buddhist associations and Dharma teachers within the country.

Thus, the major Buddhist associations of Malaysia hereby release a press statement to ensure a correct understanding on this issue.

Joint Statement by:

Malaysian Buddhist Association
Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia
Malaysian Buddhist Dharma Propagation Association
Sri Lankan Buddhist Progress Association of Malaysia
Malaysian Buddhist Vajrayana Association
Theravada Buddhist Association of Malaysia
Buddha’s Light International Association of Malaysia
Fo Guang Shan Malaysia
Fa Gu Shan Malaysia
Petaling Guan Yin Temple
Kuala Lumpur He Ming Zen Temple