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Natalia Bolsokhoeva

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Natalia Bolsokhoeva graduated from the Leningrad State University, PhD in mediaeval Tibetan literature from the Institute of Oriental Studies of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (now Russian Academy of Sciences).

She is a senior research fellow at the Institute of Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Ulan-Ude, Russia).

Her research interest lies in the history of Tibetan medicine, based on Tibetan written sources and oral tradition.

She made many field trips to Nepal and India since 1980 and gives numerous lectures in Nepal, India, Germany and Switzerland.

Natalia Bolsokhoeva played a key role in the organization and co-ordination of a project, connected with preparation and publication of Russian version of ‘The Atlas of Tibetan Medicine” from the collection of the History Museum of Buryatia named after M.N. Khangalov in Ulan-Ude.

Additional research interest is the history of Tibetan medicine of Buryat ethnos, Buddhist art, Tibetan mediaeval historical literature and Buryat-Mongolian personalities in Tibet.

Her publications include ‘The Atlas of Tibetan Medicine” (co-author), Publishing - House ‘Galart’, Moscow, 1994. ‘Tibetan Medicine in Nepal’.

Publishing-House ‘Palitra’, St.-Petersburg, 1994 (in Russian). ‘Introduction to the Studies of Tibetan Medical Sources’.

Mandala Book Point. Kathmandu, 1993. ‘Tibetan Songs from Dingri’ (co-author Kalsang Tsering). ‘Opuscula Tibetana’.

Arbeiten aus dem Tibet Institut. Rikon-Zurich, Fasc. 14. Februar 1995.

She is one of the co-authors of ‘The [[Buddha’s Art of Healing: Tibetan Paintings Rediscovered’. Rizzoli, New-York, 1998.

“Guidance on Tibetan Medicine’. Kathmandu. 2008 (in Russian).

The Atlas of Tibetan Medicine’ in the cultural space of Central Asia’ (co-author Dashi Lama), Ulan-Ude, 2010 (in Russian).

She is the author of a great number of papers and articles on Tibetan medicine, literature and culture.

Natalia Bolsokhoeva has edited several scientific books. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Bolsokhoeva Natalya Danilovna

Senior research fellow, Department of Philosophy, Cultural and Social Anthropology, and Religion

Research interests:

History of Tibetan Buddhist Canon Formation,

Medieval Tibetan literature,

written sources on Tibetan medicine,

history of Tibetan medical culture in Russia and post-soviet space,

Source Studies of Tibetan medicine,

classical Tibetan medical education,

history of Buddhism,

Buddhist Arts,

creation of Tibetan medical Atlases,

history of Tibetan Medical Schools in Transbaikalia.

Contact Information:

Phone (office): +7(3012) 435465


Curriculum Vitae:


1961-1967 Oriental Department, Saint Petersburg State University

1971-1974 post-graduate study at Leningrad Department of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of sciences (at present- Institute of Oriental manuscripts of RAS)

Professional experience

1968-1971 – junior scientific researcher in the Museum of Eastern Cultures and Department of Manuscripts, Institute of Social sciences, Siberian Branch, Academy of Sciences of USSR

1975-1981 – junior scientific researcher, Institute of Social sciences, Siberian Branch, Academy of Sciences of USSR

1981-1985 – head of the Source Studies Laboratory, Institute of Biology, Siberian Branch, Academy of Sciences of USSR

1985 to now – senior researcher in the Department of Philosophy, Cultural and Social Anthropology, and Religion

Language proficiency

Tibetan, Nepali, English, German

Main publications:

(In Russian)

Atlas of Tibetan Medicinetranslator, author of Introduction and Commentaries, supervisor of the Project

Manual on Tibetan Medicine. Katmandu: 2008.

Tibetan Medicine Kunpen Center in Katmandu // Vostok , № 2, 2009. P. 163-168.

Lhantab” – a key to studying clinical and therapeutic Tibetan medicine // Uchenye Zapiski Otdela Kitaya Instituta Vostokovedeniya RAN. Materialy XXXVIII Vserossiyskoi konferentsii “Obshestvo I gosudarstvo v Kitaye”. M.: 2008. P. 314-327.

(In English)

Tibetan Medical Schools of the Aga Area (Chita Region) // Asian Medicine. Tradition and Modernity. Brill. Leiden. Vol.3. No.2.2008. PP. 334-346.

Tibetan Medical Illustrations from the [[History Museum of []], Ulan-Ude // Asian Medicine. Tradition and Modernity. Brill. Leiden. Vol. 3. No.2. 2008. PP. 347-367.

Lama Agvan Nyima (1907-1990) – The Buddhist Master from Buryat-Mongolia Biographies of Eminent Mongol Buddhists [PIATS] 2006: Proceedings of the Eleventh Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies. Konigswinter 2006. Halle. 2008, PP. 138-147.

Current Project:

Evolution of Buddhist Institutes and Values at Globalization