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Pure Land Empowerment

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Jōdo Shinshū expresses this devotion through a chanting practice called the nembutsu, or “Mindfulness of the Buddha (Amida). The nembutsu is simply reciting the phrase Namu Amida Butsu(“I take refuge in Amida Buddha”). Jōdo Shinshū is not the first school of Buddhism to practice the nembutsu but it is interpreted in a new way according to Shinran Shonin. The nembutsu becomes understood as an act that expresses gratitude to Amida Buddha—furthermore, it is evoked in the practitioner through the power of Amida’s unobstructed compassion. Therefore in Shin Buddhism, the nembutsu is not considered a practice, nor does it generate good karmic . It is simply an affirmation of one’s gratitude. Let us to reexamine the Pure Land notions of self-power and Other Power in this light. It can be found that it is a better way to think in terms of empowerment by Other Power. Pure Land is one of the most important in Buddhism. Though This is a rare opportunity to receive these teachings and empowerment from Karmic Change. Many Pure Land Buddhist schools in the time of Shinran felt that birth in the Pure Land was a literal rebirth that occurred only upon death, and only after certain preliminary rituals. Elaborate rituals were used to guarantee rebirth in the Pure Land, including a common practice wherein the fingers were tied by strings to a painting or image of Amida Buddha. From the perspective of Jōdo Shinshū such rituals actually betray a lack of trust in Amida Buddha, relying on jiriki (“self-power”), rather than the tariki “other-power” of Amida Buddha. Such rituals also favor those who could afford the time and energy to practice them or possess the necessary ritual objects—another obstacle for lower-class individuals. For Shinran Shonin, who closely followed the thought of the Chinese monk Tan-luan, the Pure Land is synonymous with nirvana.


The empowerment of the Amida Buddha transferred upon us sets us free to fully realize the benefits of the Pure Land. The benefits are an Illuminated Mind, Bodhi Mind, and obtainment of the Buddha mind, which gives us the power to not only assist ourselves, but also others. Buddhism is all about awakening the ‘consciousness’ that we all humans have been gifted with. The consciousness to recognize the ‘truth’ about self, about relationship of self with the people and the nature around. This consciousness helps us to understand and become aware of ourselves and all things that have an influence on our well-being and our peace and happiness. This awareness is empowering because, it is the beginning of taking care of our own self as well as understanding the world in a better way. Only when you know who you really are and what you really want for your ultimate happiness can you begin to make choices consciously to create realities that result in your happiness. Shinran Shonin not as a contemplative exercise or means of gaining merit,those who only entrust in this universal activity of wisdom and compassion, As our most lucid, and enlightened masterful Shinran Shonin teaches us the deepness of the true and real, and the depths where our mission of relocating and illuminating the reality of Amida Buddha. He taught us that the meaning of Shinjin (True Faith) is our relationship to Amida Buddha. We live this relationship, live within it. We are constantly renewing and recreating True Faith and, in turn, being True and Real (Shinjitsu) by this great natural way every day. Dharmata-The actuation and illumination of reality as it is realizing the universal truth.