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Simhamukha Dakini Dharma practice can avert natural disasters and crisis

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The cultivation of (Simhamukha Dakini) Dharma practice can avert natural disasters and crisis (An excerpt of the article: His Holiness Living Buddha Lian Shen (Grandmaster Lu) at True Buddha Rainbow Temple delivered the Dharma speech after the Simhamukha Dakini Homa Ceremony on 13th April 2008)

The Lion-faced Dakini, ”Simhamukha” in Sanskrit, is venerated by all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. In the Nyingma Sect Simhamukha is one of the three principal dharma protectors and the foremost one. She is also the foremost dakini of all dakinis. The other two principal dharma protectors of the Nyingma Sect are Ekajati and Rahula.

Simhamukha vowed to be the utmost dharma protector of TBS! She is the guru of Padmasambhava as well as his personal deity and dharma protector. Therefore, Simhamukha’s power is infinite.

The Dharma Body of Simhamukha is Mahaprajnaparamita Buddha Mother. Her Bliss Body is Dorje Phagmo, namely Vajravarahi. Simhamukha is the Emanation Body. Simhamukha is therefore the integration of Mahaprajnaparamita Buddha Mother, Vajravarahi, and Simhamukha. One may therefore say that Simhamukha is the foremost Buddha Mother and the preeminent Tara! Her dharma power is the greatest!

Simhamukha’s mantras are extraordinary and the Boomerang Shield Mantra is (Reversing Mantra) is especially well-known. What is the Boomerang Shield Mantra? Regardless of how powerful an attacker may be, any attack will be completely blocked and reversed back to the attacker with equal power. Simhamukha’s Boomerang Shield Mantra is a highly secret mantra and a secret transmission.

As long as one recites the Boomerang Shield Mantra, one will be protected from any attacks by sorcery or black magic. Whatever magic spells are cast, when one chants the Boomerang Shield Mantra the one casting the magic spell will be utterly defeated. By one’s chanting the Boomerang Shield Mantra the caster of the magic spell will fall off their bed crippling their foot when intending to cripple one’s foot. This is how powerful Simhamukha’s mantra is.

Simhamukha holds cymbals in her hands. What are cymbals? They are what we used to make a ”crashing” sound when we were children. One puts one’s resentful enemies between the cymbals and crashes the cymbals a few times. The enemy becomes deaf. By crashing the cymbals a few more times one’s enemies will bleed from their seven orifices. Having such awesome power Simhamukha is regarded as the utmost wrathful and ferocious dakini.

How is it that Simhamukha is Padmasambhava’s guru, personal deity, and dharma protector? At one time Patriarch Padmasambhava was having a dharma battle with 500 heretics in the forests of northern India. All 500 heretics were masters of magical spells. Everyone of them could cast magic spells. Finally, Simhamukha appeared and transmitted the Boomeranging Shield Mantra to Padmasambhava. Hence, Simhamukha is the guru of Padmasambhava.

In Vajrayana we know about ”transformation.” Padmasambhava’s true personal deity is actually Amitabha Buddha of the Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss. Padmasambhava and Amitabha share the same seed syllablechuli.” Amitabha Buddha transformed into Padmasambhava and Simhamukha is a transformation of Padmasambhava. Therefore, Padmasambhava is the personal deity of Simhamukha and Simhamukha is also the personal deity of Padmasambhava. They are interrelated.

What is the characteristic of dakinis? It is that Dakinis are extremely wrathful. In Tibetan Vajrayana, a dakini’s face is always depicted with a very wrathful expression. They are dakinis but their depiction always expresses extreme wrath and ferocity.

Simhamukha is also wrathful, a wrathful dharma protector. Being fierce and wrathful dharma protectors, dakinis are highly venerated in Vajrayana Buddhism.

Also, among all the different types of animals, lions are the most powerful. Hence, Simhamukha is an extremely powerful and magnificent dharma protector.

Lions are the most ferocious animal and all other animals naturally run away as soon as they come across a lion. Similarly, as Simhamukha is the most fierce and powerful dakini, spirits and demons will escape upon encountering her. Her manifestation with a lion face represents that Simhamukha is the utmost wrathful dakini and dharma protector. No one would dare perform sorcery on an accomplished practitioner of this deity.

To form Simhamukha’s mudra, one first interlaces the fingers inward. One then straightens the thumbs, the middle fingers, and the little fingers. The inward interlaced mudra along with the straightened thumbs, middle, and little fingers resembles a lion face. Her ”All-conquering Lion King Mudrasymbolizes the ”always victorious lion kingmudra.

Simhamukha’s mantra is: ”Ah-jia-sa-ma。la-za-sha-da。la-sa-ma-la-ye。pei。”

As this mantra carries extreme power it should not be chanted too loudly. If one chants the mantra too loudly one will cause all the deities of the four directions to run away. But if one recites the mantra within the scope of the boundaries set by Grandmaster, then it does not matter. Otherwise, a lot of spirits including Dragon Kings are going to be in trouble when they run into this mantra. Therefore, this mantra should not be recited at any shore including the seashore. A lot of practitioners just recite this mantra to themselves, silently.

By cultivating Simhamukha dharma one can dissolve obstacles, eradicate evil spirits, destroy resentful enemies, protect one’s body and life, increase love and respect, successfully accomplish all of one’s undertakings, and overcome all natural disasters caused by sun, moon, stars, earth, water, fire, and wind, as well as man-made calamities such as war.

On Feb. 8, 1998 at Meydenbauer Center, Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu presided over the debut transmission of ”Simhamukha Uncommon Practice.” In addition to discoursing the deity’s background and key cultivation formulas, Living Buddha Lian-sheng also transmitted practices to eradicate obstacles and subjugate demonic hindrances as follows:

Practice 1

Simhamukha’s heart chakra is surrounded by blue light. This light is called ”mantra hair” and is razor sharp. Visualize the the mantra hair revolving while all obstacles are shredded into fine dust. Just as dust flies off into the wind, all hindrances are cut up and destroyed.

Practice 2

Visualize that Simhamukha holds a cymbal in each hand: one cymbal is the sun and one cymbal is the moon. Then visualize one’s ”resentful enemy” or an ”obstructing demon” between the two cymbals. Crash the enemy or demon into pieces by striking the two cymbals together. This is ”subjugation dharma.”

Practice 3

Carry an image of Simhamukha and her mantra syllables with one. Chant her name and invoke her presence at all times. This is Samaya. Pray to her three times per day. If one encounters difficulties or obstacles all one needs to do is pray and Simhamukha will definitely send down light to follow and protect one.

Simhamukha Sadhana Transmitted Through Practicing Padmasambhava

Simhamukha’s Boomerang Shield Mantra

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

This particular Simhamukha Dakini, liked to descend very much and also liked to leave suddenly. She had done so in repetition to descend and leave for a few times. When Grandmaster Lu was about to start to perform the hand mudra, she just descended. And just before the lighting of the Fire Puja, she also descended. Lastly when the ceremony was about to end, she descended again.

Simhamukha Dakini emits formidable cosmic power, as she is not only Guru Padmasambhava’s Vajra Master, she is also Guru Padmasambhava’s Personal Deity and Dharma Protector. Simhamukha Dakini has a body that can handle three duties simultaneously. Simhamukha Dakini is the first among the many Buddha Mothers and she is known as the Perfection of Wisdom of the Sacred Buddha Mother. Simhamukha Dakini’s origin source is in fact the Perfection of Wisdom of the Sacred Buddha Mother.

Her wisdom truth body (Dharmakaya) can manifest as the Perfection of Wisdom of the Sacred Buddha Mother (Bo1 re3 Fo2 mu3). The complete enjoyment body (Sambhogakaya) of Simhamukha Dakini can thus be manifested to Dorje Pakmo (Duo1 jie2 Pa4 mu3), Tara Rakta (Hong Du4 mu3) and Vajravarahi (Jing1 Gang1 Hai4 mu3). Whereas, the Emanation body (Nirmanakaya) is the true blue Simhamukha Dakini herself. She is also the divine combination of the Perfection of Wisdom of the Sacred Buddha Mother, Vajravarahi and Simhamukha Dakini and they invoke as a trinity in one. As such, Simhamukha Dakini is considered as the number one Buddha Mother, number one Tara and she possesses the best formidable cosmic power.

Grandmaster Lu once remembered, looking back at Guru Padmasambhava’s incarnation historical records, Guru Padmasambhava ever encountered five hundred deviants combining forces to attack him. When Guru Padmasambhava was in an imminent danger situation, Simhamukha Dakini appeared before him and taught him how to recite her mantra in reverse manner to send attacks back. The moment the mantra was recited in reverse manner, all the five hundred deviants were defeated, therefore Simhamukha Dakini mantra is extremely formidable. Her mantra is “Ah Kah Sama Lazha Shada.Lasa Malaya.Pei.” Her mantra should not be recited loudly because it radiates formidable cosmic power, hence if it is recited too loudly, all the four directional gods would flee. A moment ago, all of us had recited the mantra quite loudly. (Grandmaster Lu laughed) However, if the mantra recited was within Grandmaster Lu’s purified boundary, it would be fine, otherwise many spirits including the Dragon Kings will be doomed the moment they bumped into this mantra chant. Hence, this particular mantra cannot be recited at water area and seaside. There are a lot of practitioners who do not recite the mantra aloud, instead they only recite it in their heart.

Vajravarahi is known as “Dorje Pakmo” and Simhamukha Dakini in Sanskrit language is termed as “Seng1 Dong1 Ma1”. In one of the author (His Holiness, Grandmaster Lu)’s book series, book number 122, titled The Profound Essence of Esoteric Buddhism, he had mentioned about the cultivation of Simhamukha Dakini Dharma practice. Simhamukha Dakini has only one face and it is the face of lion. And why the face of a lion is being used, because out of all the animals, lion is regarded as the bravest and fiercest animal. Wherever there is a lion, all the other animal species will be fearful of it, therefore Simhamukha Dakini uses a lion face. She wears a tiara of five skulls on her head, has two hands, with her left hand holding a Lu2 Qi4 and it is a kapala skull cup filled with purified reddish white dew.

And her right hand carries a knife of a curvy shape. She not only adorns herself with a lot of ornaments, she also carries fifty human skulls on her body. She tramples on a corpse with her foot, above a sun disc lotus blossom flower. She also cradles a khatvanga with three human heads that represent “greed, hatred and ignorance”. The hand that holds the curved knife is used to eliminate “greed, hatred and ignorance”.

Since she emits formidable cosmic power, she has the ability to avert natural disasters, even the sun, moon, stars, earth, water, fire, wind as well as all other kinds of disasters/crisis. Another point to highlight, if there is war attack or one who cannot escape the predestined fate of facing a crisis, he or she can cultivate the Dharma practice of Simhamukha Dakini to overcome it.