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Simhamukha Refuge

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I take refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha most excellent for the benefit of all sentient beings.

(3X) Om Svabhava Shuda Sarva Dharma Svabhava Shudo Ham

From emptiness appears a HUM on a lotus and sun disc. From the HUM rays of light shine forth establishing the vajra-ground. Around it is a vajrafence, and above it a vajra-tent, all surrounded by the blazing fire of wisdom.

In the center of the vajra-tent is the syllable E (ay), which transforms into a dark-blue In the center of the dharmakara is a lotus and a sun disc. On top of corpses of the Maras stands my mind in the form of a dark-blue HUM from which light rays emanate destroying all demons and gathering all the powers and accomplishments of the dakas and dakinis to be absorbed into the HUM. Due to that, I myself arise out of the HUM as Simhamukha.

My body is dark-blue with one face, two arms and three red rounded eyes. My mouth shows the bared fangs with the tongue curled upwards, looking extremely ferocious. In my right hand I am holding a curved knife; in my left hand I am holding a skullcup filled with blood. On my left shoulder leans a khatvanga. My hair and brows are yellow-red, streaming upwards.

A crown of five skulls adorns my head; a necklace made of fifty freshly cut human heads hangs around my neck. I am wearing a tiger-skin skirt and the five bone ornaments. I am in dancing posture with the left leg extended and the right one tucked in, surrounded by the blazing flames of the wisdom fire. At my forehead is white OM, at my throat red AH, at my heart dark-blue HUM from which light rays spread forth summoning the wisdom-being surrounded by all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.
Om Vajra Samadzah / Dza Hum Bam Hoh

I become one with the wisdom beings. Then again from the
HUM at the center of my heart, light rays shine forth
summoning the five Buddha families and their retinue.

Om Vajra Samadzah
Om Panja Kula Saparivara Argham, Padyam, Pupe, Dupe,
Aloke, Ghande, Newide, Shapta Pratitsa Soha

 Request the initiation: Please bestow the empowerment on me. They reply: Om Vajri Bhava Abhishekata Samaya Hum My whole body is filled with initiation water from the vase and is purified of all its defilements. The water overflowing the crown of my head is the totality of becoming, out of which appears a blue five-pointed vajra to adorn the head. In the center of my heart, residing on a sun disc, stands a dark-blue HUM, surrounded by the mantra syllables arranged counter-clockwise. The flames coming from the mantra garland incinerate all maras.

Ah-Ka-Sa Ma-Ra-Tsa Sha-Da-Ra-Sa Ma-Ra-Ya Phat
(Recite108X or as much as you can.)

 Dakini Simhamukha, please bestow the common and uncommon siddhis upon me and all sentient beings. This requested, the lotus seat and sun disc are absorbed into me in the form of light. (Meditation: Rest in the natural state of pure awareness.) By the virtue of this may I and all sentient beings accomplish the state of the dakini. Without leaving a single sentient being behind may I be able to liberate them to the state of the dakini.