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  • ...elf]], and the presence of the ''[[Buddha-dhatu]]'' [[(Buddha Nature]]) in all [[beings]]. ...searched for a copy of the enlarged [[Mahaparinirvāṇa-sūtra]] through all that [[time]], but only found [[manuscripts]] [[corresponding]] to the core
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  • ...hells, a new pantheon, belief in reincarnation, and the doctrine of karma all eventually worked their way into the fabric of Chinese life as Buddhist ide ...nse capacity to manufacture, employ, and discard material things. Today in all areas where Chinese culture is present, Buddhism continues to hold a promin
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  • ...ion of [[China]]. The [[purpose]] of this organization was and is to place all [[Buddhists]] under the [[leadership]] of the {{Wiki|Communist}} Party so t ...authorities - a [[measure]] that is consistent with an earlier ruling that all [[reincarnate]] [[lamas]] must have the approval of the {{Wiki|Chinese}} go
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  • ...ssion]] along the {{Wiki|Silk Road}} provides perhaps the most striking of all {{Wiki|evidence}} regarding {{Wiki|cultural}} exchange across {{Wiki|Eurasi ...g's]] account of the Western Regions is his extended description of how in all of the remote oasis cities [[Buddhism]] was flourishing. There are remarkab
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  • ...y of California at Berkeley}}. When the more than 1400 volumes had finally all arrived at the Library, it was obvious that the collection would be difficu ...Chief Cataloguer, and Mr. Y.K. Choo, the [[Korean]] Cataloguer, have given all possible assistance.
    38 KB (6,143 words) - 11:44, 31 December 2014
  • ...e lay brethren and sisters, more lightly branded on the right wrist, while all about intoned “Na Mah Pen Shih Shih Chia [[Mou]] Ni Fo.” (I put my [[tr ...eart]] of the other was a genuine [[longing]] for [[God]] that overwhelmed all the artificial, {{Wiki|material}} {{Wiki|distinctions}} and the [[human]] d
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  • ...[Wyl.]] ''[[bai ro ca na]]'') (eighth-ninth centuries) — the greatest of all [[Tibetan]] [[lotsawa]]s. Together with [[Padmasambhava]] and [[Vimalamitra ...and requested further teachings. [[Shri Simha]] therefore bestowed on him all of the [[empowerment's]] and pith instructions of the sixty Tantras of [[Dz
    11 KB (1,537 words) - 02:52, 3 October 2018
  • ...eness in the Dzogchen Lineage'' (Junction City: Padma Publications, 2005), pages 81-82.}}
    9 KB (986 words) - 17:45, 31 January 2015
  • ...Lingpa's Ton Bum, Yonden Subdon, and other profound texts totaling 1,552 pages. ...o transferred this [[precious]] artifact to a generous benefactor and gave all of the large donation he received to help fund the [[community of nuns]] he
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  • ...standing]] and believing in the [[law of cause and effect]] is better than all types of [[empowerment]]. Literally means added support Even though all [[beings]] possess the [[buddha nature]], without receiving [[empowerment]]
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  • He continued to study with many [[masters]], of all [[schools of Tibetan Buddhism]], especially [[Dudjom Rinpoche]], [[Dilgo Kh ...rn Tibet]] in the nineteenth century, he frequently refers to teachings of all [[Tibetan traditions]],
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  • ...for the Han {{Wiki|army}} in [[order]] to control the silk route. Through all these years, many foreign {{Wiki|merchants}} and travellers leaving [[China ...with the right hand to call the [[earth]] [[goddess]] to witness.Although all of these gestures of [[Buddha]], his extended [[ear lobes]] and his [[urna]
    22 KB (3,341 words) - 05:38, 20 September 2013
  • ...roads, many slender filaments originating in thousands of towns and cities all over eastern China. They threaded their way west, skirted the deserts of Tu ...ey need, they can certainly find it here, for it is the greatest market in all of central Asia.
    21 KB (3,436 words) - 13:44, 12 September 2013
  • ...on the {{Wiki|Silk Road}} for trade and good fortune. He was awe-struck by all he had seen during his years of travel through the countries of East, and h By the 13th century, of all the countries on the Great {{Wiki|Silk Road}}, the most extensive and power
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  • ...stic. The colossal [[statues]] are mentioned in the Secret [[Doctrine]] on pages 337- 40 of volume II, and they are said to illustrate the [[Occult]] Histor ...i|holy}} Mount of [[Meru]]. So I [[feel]] that there is much to learn from all this and the whole {{Wiki|matter}} is worth to investigating further.
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  • consort]]. Through the power of her unfailing [[memory]], she collected all the teachings given by [[Guru Rinpoche]] in [[Tibet]] and concealed them as ...ineage]]'', trans. Richard Barron (Junction City: Padma Publishing, 2005), pages 61-70 (Includes brief verse biography by [[Jamgön Kongtrul]]).
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  • ...scipline]] have been beautifully chanted in chorus by the [[Elders]]; but, all the same, I shall maintain what I heard and received from the {{Wiki|mouth} ...n opportunity presented itself. It may not, of course, have taken place in all its details as told by different sects, but even then those records possess
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  • ...nly known through other [[Buddhist scriptures]] (collected by Mr. Lloyd on pages 67 to 82), and limit ourselves to the second instalment which contains vers :And know that all is well within the land.
    19 KB (3,110 words) - 19:03, 21 April 2014
  • ...ows here a catalogue of [[birth stories]] in the [[Dulwa]] approximately 4 pages long, which I have not reproduced.} :[DULWA, VOLUME IV., PAGES 274-276.]
    30 KB (5,164 words) - 08:48, 25 February 2016
  • :The following extracts, then, contain all the significant parts of the [[sûtra]], the [[nature]] of the omitted port :(References to the [[Divyâvadâna]] in the notes are to the pages of the edition by Prof. Cowell and Mr. Neil, now in the press.)
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