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Tala Chakras

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 Chakras are energy centers located throughout our body. The seven main chakras are located along the column, and each is related to a wide variety of themes, and has a deep symbolism ascribed. The system of the chakras can be related with Alchemy and Qabalah in the Western traditions, and the process through which the chakras are awakened can be compared to the alchemical process of turning lead to gold. However these seven energy zones are not the only ones: we have chakras on our hands, our legs, inside our head, and above our body. Here I will focus on the chakras below Muladhara, called Talas, or tala-chakras.

The Talas are a set of seven chakras running along our legs. Muladhara is related to the material plane and sexuality, and the lower chakras are related to emotions and experiences of a lower nature, often called evil. The dimension where the tala chakras are experienced is called Naraka, which can be considered the Hindu hell. Here follows a description of the talas, based mostly on the Bhagavata Purana.

    The first level is Atala. This is the abode of sexual entities in the form of lustful female demons. This level is ruled by Bala, son of Maya. Bala possesses great powers, and creates these demons when he yawns. These demons are of three kinds: svarinis (self-willed),kaminis (lustful) and pumscalis (whorish). These demons enchant and attack the men who enter Atala, trying to steal their sexual energy. The state of consciousness of Atala is called “Put”, which means childless. The Atala chakra is located in the hips. The Atala chakra and Put give place to fear and despair, as well as lustful desires.

    The second level is Vitala. This place is ruled by Hara-Bhava and Bhavani, dark forms of Shiva and Parvati. This is also a strongly sexual plane, since Hara-Bhava and Bhavani exist here in constant sexual union, and their sexual fluids form the river Hataki. Here this dark form of Shiva rules as lord of ghosts and goblin-like demons, as well as master of gold mines. Those who live here are adorned with gold. The state of consciousness of Vitala is “Avichi”, which means joyless. The Vitala chakra is located in the thighs. The [[Vitala [chakra]] and the Avichi state are related to anger, frustration and confusion, as well as resentment.

    The third level is Sutala. This place is ruled by the demon king Bali. Sutala is covered with beautiful temples and buildings. Sutala corresponds to “sound”. The state here is called “Samhata”, meaning abandoned. The Sutala chakra is found in the knees. The Sutala chakra and the Samhata state are related to jealousy and inadequacy, as well as deeper states of confusion.

    The fourth level is Talatala. This is the realm of the demonic architect Maya, who is also a powerful sorcerer. The state here is called “Tamisra”, or darkness. The Talatala chakra is located in the calves. The Talatala chakra and the Tamisra state are related to greed and deceit, as well as a strong instinct of self-preservation and strong materialistic ideals.

    The fifth level is Rasatala. Rasatala is home of mighty demons, the Danavas and the Daityas, which live in holes, like serpents. These are the enemies of the Devas (the gods). Rasatala corresponds to “touch”. The state here is called “Rijisha”, which means expelled. The Rasatala chakra is found in the ankles. The Rasatala chakra and the Rijisha state are related to deeper and stronger needs for self-preservation and selfishness. Here, there is absolutely no concern about damages or pain caused to others. This is the true abode of man’s animal nature.

    The sixth level is Mahatala. Like Sutala, this place is covered with beautiful buildings and temples, which house Nagas, serpent-demons, such as Krodhavasha, Kuhaka, Taksshaka, Kaliya and Sushena. However, these demons live in peace with each other, and are versed in sports and arts of pleasure. They live ever afraid of the eagle-man Garuda. The state here is called “Kudmala”, and means leprous. The Mahatala chakra is located in the feet. This level is related to “taste”. This level is considered a place without conscience, and those who end down here feel free to steal, feeling that the world owes them everything. Here, selfishness is at its absolute.

    The seventh and last level is Patala. Here live the Naga demons ruled by their king Vasuki. Light no longer reaches this place, so the only sources of light are the jewels worn by the Nagas. The Nagas here have many heads and many hoods, and are easily angered. The state of consciousness here is called “Kakola”, or black poison. The Patala chakra lies in the soles of the feet. The Patala chakra and the Kakola state are related to extreme feelings of hate and destruction, both of the self and of others, as well as a total desire for torture and unreason. The ideal here is “murder for the sake of murder”.


Below Patala lies the Garbhodaka ocean, where Vishnu rests on Ananta Shesha, the cosmic serpent. From Vishnu’s navel grows a lotus. It’s said that Shesha creates the world when it uncoils its tail, and it destroys the world by coiling it.