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Tantric kitty

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She has the fiery nature of a guardian, her realm is in the sky and she grounds these subtle vibrations in the earthly form.
Who is Tantric Kitty?
She is the cat Dakini. Her realm is an interdimensional temple shaped in her own form. In the Yogini Temples (our model for this system) there appear lion and tiger headed Goddesses/Yoginis. The Lion headed Yogini is referred to as Narasinghi, a female version of Narasimha, the lion headed incarnation (Avatar) of Vishnu, the Hindu God of preservation.
The Dakini Tantric Kitty carries the energies of the Egyptian cat goddesses Bast and Sekhmet, and those of the Tibetan meditation Goddess (Yidam) Dakini Simhamukha (Sanskrit), or Senge Donga (Tibetan). Simamukha is the Lion headed Dakini of Padmasambavha, holder of Tantric teachings who brought the transmission from India to Tibet. She is considered to be his principal wrathful manifestation.
Simhamukha repulses psychic attacks and sends negative energy back to its source. She is particularly effective with negative female energy and can help pacify the elemental goddesses when they are upset about destruction of the environment. She can clear even the most intense obstacles.
Cats were highly considered in ancient Egypt and there were temples for their worship. Bast, the cat headed goddess, was adored as a protectress, particularly of the household. She protects from illness and promotes health and healing. She loves sensual pleasure and insists on freedom of expression. She protects cats and those who care for them. She became known as the Goddess of joy and protector of women. She holds the all-seeing sacred eye, called the Utchat, that sees through the dark. She is both a sun and a moon Goddess.
If Bast is the domestic cat, Sekhmet is her wild and ferocious big cat relative. This lion headed Goddess was feared as much as revered. She was originally a warrior Goddess. Her name means ‘the Powerful One’. She protected Pharaohs in battle and was known as both Lady of Terror and Lady of Life. She was known as ‘the Eye of Ra’(the Sun God) and she bears the solar disc.
Sekhmet was seen as the Goddess of Upper Egypt and Bast of Lower. Tantric Kitty says we no longer have need for these separations and she is the integrated Kitty who expresses herself through all her different forms and moods.
It is said that to placate the wrath of Sekhmet, her priestesses would perform rituals before a different statue of the Goddess on each day of the year…
Perhaps that is why Tantric Kitty has so many different manifestations
In Tantric Kitty’s many forms she both guards the temple and is the temple itself.
Location/Sphere of Influence
Interdimensional cat temple and anywhere cats are present or welcome.
All felines.
Nature & Description of Dakini
In many ways, Tantric Kitty epitomizes the essence of the Tantric path that empathizes a heightening of the senses, a sovereign sense of being and a ferocious intensity. Tantric Kitty is so named because she is fiercely magnetic. She is both sweet and dangerous. Tantra offers Mahasukha, the great sweetness, but is also dangerous if potent energies are mishandled.
In the night sky, for cats tend to be nocturnal, the temple of Tantric Kitty is situated.
The suggestion is that the cats that incarnate on the earth plane, the big and the small, are all connected to this celestial temple and when they close their eyes and purr, this is where they go.
Cats seem to be in their own world, this is a glimpse into that magical reality.
She emerges from the Cat’s Paw nebula, a huge stellar nursery.
Tantric Kitties circle the temple, guarding and prowling. They adorn the mandala, the sacred enclosure, which is laid out before the Temple of Cat and forms its precincts.
Figures of Simhamukha guard the four gateways.

The temple in the center is formed from her body. In the composition of this mystery temple, we see versions of herself within herself, going back infinitely.
As such Tantric Kitty’s temple is a representation of the mystic dimensions that lie within. Mystery is not fathomable. That is its nature.
She establishes the feline essence as a cosmic signature, creating a template, the blueprint for all creatures, all beings.
Cats have long been recognized for their empathic, telepathic, mediumistic and magical qualities. That is why they are favorite ‘familiars’, a role for which they were most severely punished at the time of the witch burnings.
Black magic rites often torture a cat - but why on earth do that when it would be so much better to please her instead?

Divinatory Meaning

Awaken your inner kitty! She wants to play.
Tantric Kitty is here to initiate you into your own innate sensuality, your mystic sensuality.
She is responsive. When you stroke her she purrs, writhes, stretches appealingly.
Cats model well being as the center of their own sensual world.
Don’t rub Kitty the wrong way though, or you may get the other side of her nature. She is fierce and quick to respond.
Feline energy has a specific quality. There is a natural sensual elegance that runs through the being of a cat. She ripples and vibrates with sensitivity to touch, to sound, to every sensory stimuli, visible or invisible. She is very aware of the space she occupies and her vibrational field.
A cat’s intelligence seems to reside in its whole body.
Tantric Kitty has this special message to give you. Tantra isn’t about sexual organs, its about full body/mind awareness. Tantric Kitty is here to tune you in.
Be nice to yourself! Cats know how to look after themselves very well; when to be active and when to be still.
They meditate a lot.

They love themselves. They care for themselves. They keep themselves very clean and have natural grace and poise.
Tantric Kitty has the natural narcissism common to felines. But this kind of self-love, self-absorption, one that is just a natural facet of being, is an asset not a detriment. To watch how a cat appreciates its sensations is like watching a living work of art.

Could your actions and mannerisms be observed with the same level of fascination and appreciation?
Tantric Kitty wants you to awaken to your senses and let them guide you with spontaneous artistry, as they do her.
Tantric Kitty also teaches independence. Its all tied in with the way in which she views herself as a world unto herself. She is so interested in and fascinated by her own experience of herself that she is not needy. When she interacts with others it is because she chooses to do so, not because she needs to.
People often speak against the independence of cats, but if you look again you see how pure it enables the exchange to be. She gets pleasure from being herself. If she chooses to interact with you, it is because it brings her pleasure, pure and simple.

Pleasure and sensation for its own sake. Value these in your life.
Value your own sovereignty. Nurture and develop the sense of your sovereign self as a significant asset.
Cats know how to land on their feet.
They have 9 lives.

They are very curious by nature. They say ‘Curiosity killed the cat’, but if they have 9 lives, perhaps a bit of curiosity is OK?
Are you curious? It is stimulating to be curious. Boredom is the sister of apathy. If you are curious about life, you will not suffer from boredom.
Tantric Kitty wants to stimulate your curiosity.
Be curious about your sensations, explore your sensuality, she says.
Explore your interface with the world. Tantric Kitty wants you to upgrade the way you relate to things around you by re-vamping your sensual apparatus. She says she can bet you a bowl of
cream that as far as that goes, you are only using a whisker of your total potential. She doesn’t like to see that going to waste as she knows how much pleasure and awareness she derives from using all her senses, including her sixth sense.

She likes to roll and writhe in pure enjoyment of herself. She loves to bask in the pure sensation of her being. Every little act has artistry. Watch her licking her paw or staring into space.
We believe animals have lesser ability to communicate than humans. Of course this judgment is based on the fact that we are unable to perceive and comprehend these communications. Current research is revealing that communication of a quite sophisticated form is happening between animals. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, the part we are beginning to perceive. Many animals are in fact way ahead of us in areas of communication, particularly of a telepathic nature. They have innate awarenesses that we have closed ourselves off from in the modern way of life. They know when earthquakes or hurricanes are coming. We have these faculties too, but they have atrophied over time, mainly due to the false separations we have created between us as humans and all other species.
Tantric Kitty is willing to help you open up again.

But respect is called for and don’t rub her fur the wrong way!

Potent and potentially dangerous actions may be undertaken, as long as you are prepared to face the consequences of these actions.
All predators take life to sustain life. Do we have the faculty to perceive what exchange happens between the lion and its prey at the time of the kill?
Tantric Kitty says when she hunts and kills, she doesn’t see it as taking something away form the lovely little creature she longs to consume. No! Quite the opposite. She, out of her infinite love for such beings, is taking them into herself and making them part of her. As it feels so incredibly exquisite to be her, therefore, by having its body and consciousness become part of her is an upgrade and so she is actually doing them a favor.
Be that as it may (she does have her own perspective and she is, after all, a Dakini, not just a cat…) modern humanity has in large shut itself off from the realities of the hunt. Our meat is purchased in a form which has little resemblance and connection to the flesh and blood, feathered or furred, living creature it was.
As Tantric Kitty feels that most humans could not offer their prey the kind of incarnation upgrade she can (!), she suggests humans, and in this case, you, at least make an inner prayer of appreciation to the spirit of the animal, fish or bird whose flesh you are eating. Tell it how much you love it. If you honor the spirit, she says, it helps keep the chain of life alive. For nothing should be taken without something being given back. If you don’t do it yourself, life will do it for you. Sometimes where or when you least expect it.
Tantric Kitty wants you to release your inner grrrrr during lovemaking. She says you are much too passive. Why are you afraid of your animal nature? We are all part of a family of creatures. We are human animals and if we embrace that part of our nature we can step out of denial and back into integration. Integration as part of nature’s divine plan. A return to the Goddess path of embodiment.
Look for omens from the feline kingdom. A cat may have something to communicate to you.

1. Tantric Kitty invites you to come and visit her in her interdimensional temple in the sky. But as it is for cats only, first you need to connect with her deeply, to find your inner cat essence and move into that form.
Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Don’t sit cross-legged, sit in a way a cat would sit. Now let your cat being emerge, see what your cat looks like. Are you big or small? What color are you? Are you a domestic cat or a lion, tiger panther?
Tantric Kitty says size does not matter! All cats are connected to the same essence and even the smallest cat can house a huge feline spirit.
2. Now you are ready to come to her temple. Your cat self enters the temple precints and is greeted by many Tantric Kitties who come up to you and rub their bodies against you in greeting. The air is filled with the vibration of their collective purrs. You start to stretch and you rub your body against theirs in return. The exchange makes you feel very stimulated, alive and vibrant. Very awake sensually. You move towards the temple portals. The giant cats who form the temple turn their gaze upon you and the Tantric Kitties meows and roar, hiss and purr in unison as you enter her temple of initiation…Your hair stands on end, just a little, your sensitive fur, your antenna, for what calls you is both alluring and scary. Like Tantric Kitty, in this vision space, you are human and feline intertwined.

Ask Tantric Kitty for initiation.

3. Pamper yourself.
4. Tantric Kitty would like you to do the yoga asana (posture) known as the cat pose and think of her.
5. She suggests the cat lovemaking position too…
6. Give some special attention to a cat. Imagine the purr that you induce traveling like a ripple through the whole field of cat consciousness….
Dakini Transmission

Welcome to my domain
Tantric Kitty is my name
I am purrfect!
I feel no shame
To proudly proclaim
For to me
All places are the same
And I am always free
I own my animal self
It is regal
And highly attuned
To its own sensitivities
I am a Tantric Kitt