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The legend of Nyagla Chacha

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Chacha(Tibetan:Tsa-Tsa) is a figure of Buddha or an amulet in the shape of a pagoda made by Terton, eminent Buddhist masters and other monks during their  ceremony of Dharma assembly. It is made by the many amazing blessing materials such, including Collection of relics of Arhats, Bodhisattvas, Mahasiddhas, and Buddhas from thousand years ago, Ancient Buddhist master’s bones, clothes,, blessing pills, etc and all Buddhist blessing halidoms of buddhas and eminent monks, precious metal such as gold, silver and thunderbolt iron, precious medicinal materials, sylloge of all the blessing halidoms and sacred soil taken by Terton from the holy land. Ancient Chacha made by precious Buddhist halidoms are mostly consecrated in the treasury of the inherited temple, big stupas and the treasure box ( Tibetan:“Gawu”) of great masters. Or some people will wear Chacha on their chests. Among the regions (including Tibet, the Kingdom of Bhutan, Nepal, India,etc) where people believes in Tibetan Buddhism, Nyagla Chacha which is the halidom sylloge of Buddhas made by the famous Terton Nyagla Changchuk Dorje (Manifestation of Bodhi Vajra) is cherished by Tibetan and people all over the world. Tibetans would hand this down from generation to generation in order to avoid evil spirits and protect themselves and never give it to the outsiders.  

On the top of the Chacha is eight-treasure pagoda. The cusp on the bottom symbolizes the Yidam of Vajrakila who is the manifestation of the concept of “Non-duality” which is the unite with Emptiness and wisdom, it can quickly get rid of all obstacles in people’s life. The great Terma master Nyagla Changchuk Dorje was the holder of the seat of Nyagla Monastery, is located in Gongjo County in the Mountains. Master Changchuk Dorje is in the Guru-rinpoche’s terma lineage ,once took out fourteen terma sutras from the holy land and sacred Mountain, He also once developed and promoted sacred terma sutras in nowadays eastern Tibet and Bhutan, etc. In those years, Changchuk Dorje once collected treasures that help to liberation and protection for peoples, including rare relics of Buddhas, Bodhisattva and enlightenment eminent monk, the blessing halidoms passed from generations by generations by the four denominations of Tibetan Buddhism, precious inherited blessing pills and Tibetan medicine to make the Chacha. It is said that when Chacha was made, it can be put and float on the top of the grasses; it can also stand on the water and go upstream by itself. The Chacha is addressed respectfully as Nyagla Chacha and become the famous treasure handed down from generation to generation known by all Tibetans.

Dakini,Dangzhen-lhamo (1923-1980), daughter of Nyagla Changchuk Dorje, who had learned fourteen terma sutras from her father, once used her hair to cure people’s eye disease and used her milk to cure the local epidemic situation. She passed away in 1980. Her remains sat quietly and meditated for several days, the body shrunk to 26 centimeters high, which was seen by thousands of people. This marvelous spectacle that the body melt into the rainbow is still told from mouth to mouth in Tibetan region.

Nyagla Gardbang Dorje Living Buddha, son of Dakini, Dangzhen-lhamo, is the third generation holder of the seat of the dharma of Nyagla terma in Nyagla Monastery. He never has his hair cut for a lifetime and in most of the time he did not go outside or just stayed secluded for meditation and practice. He specialized in the Yidam of King Gesar and can see and face to face with King Gesar Yidam when he was in deep meditation. Once when Gardbang Dorje Living Buddha went out of Nyagla Monastery and went to a place near Ganzi region in Sichuan Province to deal with some affairs about the temple, more than four thousands of Tibetans came to worship and pay respects to him.

In the harsh times of the last century, temples and people are facing with tremendous difficulties in some place of Tibet, even the Nyagla Monastery which cannot escape from the disaster. At that time, the monks and villagers cannot prevent the Monastery from invasion and harassing, so they had to bury the scriptures and figures of Buddha that are inconvenient to carry with them into the mountains. They carried the remaining with them and went into exile

Countless monks and people were killed by bullets, but an unimaginable miracle occurred to some of the villagers. In winter, many of the villagers wore Tibetan robes made of cowhide and they felt painful when shot by bullets, but they did not fell down after getting shot. Gradually they cannot be able to run anymore, because they felt quite heavy on their bodies. In a panic they touched their clothes and found there were many bullets in their robes, so they continued to run hard while throwing the bullet shells.

After getting rid of pursuing and attacking, these fortunate stopped and took off their cowhide Tibetan robes which full of bullet holes. They were puzzled with their hearts still fluttering with fear---what is exactly the power that blesses them to dodge the bullet shoots?

Finally they found the similarity among these fortunate people is that they all wore Nyagla Chacha made by Nyagla Changchuk Dorje Living Buddha around their necks.

In order to verify it is the Chacha that protects them from killing by bullets, villagers hung Chacha on a goat and shot it. To their surprise, the unimaginable thing happened---when the bullets shot the goat, its wools fell around, but it did not get any hurt and all the bullets fell around the goat. All the villagers knelt down and cried prostrating on the floor to show their gratitude to Nyagla Changchuk Dorje Living Buddha for the magical power of his blessing. Thereafter, Nyagla Chacha made by Changchuk Dorje in Nyagla Monastery became famous and turn into a halidom that sought by common people, Tibetans and devout believers.

It is said that who wears Nyagla Chacha will be accompanied by Buddha, Bodhisattva, Dakini, and Dharmapalas from all over places and direction, just as protected by a suit of armor to avoid all evils and demons. Wearing a Chacha, a person won’t be hurt by invocation of the enemies, nor by gun or knives,. Chacha is the most precious body amulet which can easily defuse and turn the terrible situation to an auspicious one when a great disaster or obstacle occurs. When faced with disease, people can cut a little piece from Chacha with a knife and take it as medicine, which will have unimaginable blessing and curative effect on the patients.

The legendary amulet Nyagla Chacha is rare and precious. At present, there is only one Nyagla Chacha remaining in Nyagla Monastery, hold by the third generation master Gawangduojie Living Buddha. Other Chachas still left on the world are all wore by hermits living in the deep mountains and forests or those who have great achievement but always stay secluded and unknown to the world. For its rarity, Chacha becomes the remarkable treasure sought by many noblemen, politicians and celebrities in Tibetan region and all around the world. They take various kinds of measure just for one Chacha.

You will never be able to exchange for even just one sacred Nyagla Chacha by no matter how much money,cattle,sheep and horse,in Tibet, This Nyagla Chacha has been wear and inherited for last three generations,It has defused and turn all the terrible situation into an auspicious when there was great obstacle occurs,This old man give this Nyagla chacha to the Bana monastey as a great treasure which can be hand down to generations in 2012 <poem>